Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet my new friend...

Lamar Odom! It was just a normal day at work on Wednesday, my co-worker went on his regular afternoon walk to the end of the pier, and on his way back he saw a congregation of Laker fans waiting outside this restaurant Sangrias waiting to meet Lamar Odom. He came back to the office and we both headed down in hopes to meet him as well. Luckily this was not advertised too much and only waited a few minutes before becoming new friends. I love Lamar so I was pretty stoked. I only got to say hi for 2.5 seconds, just enough time to snap a quick photo.

Khloe was hiding behind the backdrop but I got a couple peaks at her. Three words to describe her: Lots. of. makeup.

This made for a very good midweek activity to get me through to the weekend.

PS. I also just started tutoring a 6th grade autistic boy. It will give me some extra spending cash and will be a good experience!