Thursday, February 26, 2009

UH-OH Accident!

Yesterday I was in my last class of the day and I got a call from Chad but didn't answer, he then texted me and said I needed to call him. I immediately left class and he told me that he was in an accident on his way to the office from lunch. He wasn't hurt at all, which is most important, but his truck definately suffered some damage. Here is the story: Chad was waiting at a stop light when an old man fell asleep at the wheel, or lost consciousness (the man wasn't really sure what happened) but he slammed into an older truck who then slammed into Chad. Chad was pushed into the intersection and so lucky that no one was driving through it at that time. The old man that caused the accident was taken away in an ambulence, the other guy was fine and so was Chad and his passengers. The other two cars were totaled and had to be taken away by a tow truck, luckily Chads is still drivable, but he is going to need to get the bed of the truck replaced. The old man's insurance will take care of the costs, and provide a rental car because it could take a while to fix it. I felt so bad for Chad, his new truck has had some tough times so far, and he just put his Lakers license plate cover on and that is ruined too! He is going to get an estimate on the truck today and hopefully it will be fixed soon. One of Chad's friends took pictures of the accident scene so once I get those I will post them. But we are just so grateful that nobody was seriously hurt and that we aren't going to be responsible for paying for a new truck bed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grizzlies Game

This was the first weekend it seems like in so long where Chad and I had nothing to do on a Saturday night. We have been so busy all the time and been out of town a lot lately that it was a weird feeling to have to search for something to do. I remembered hearing that Salt Lake had a semi-pro hockey team called the Grizzlies and lucky for us they had a home game on Saturday. So we went to Chipotle, one our favorite places, and then to the hockey game. We had a lot of fun! I like watching hockey live, and there were a couple good fights which always makes it more exciting! As you can see Chad was really into the Grizzlies, after the game we went to the Team Store and he tried on all their stuff. He was holding this little hockey stick and all these 9-10 yr old boys saw the stick and they all wanted one. Chad told them it was a dollar and they got so excited, but really they were 10 dollars :( THey were so sad when they realized this but it was pretty funny anyways! Next home game we want to get a big crowd to go, so if any of you are in Utah plan on going to the next home game!!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


When we were in California we went bowling with my family. It was raining so hard all day on Monday that we had to think of something to do inside. We had a blast, Tanner beat us a lot. All that practice on the Wii must have really paid off. It had been such a long time since Chad and I were on a bowling team together, and it showed. I bowled horribly!!! Towards the end Chad picked up his game, only because he didn't want to get beat by his 14 yr. old brother-in-law but it happened!

Can you guess which ones Chads, and which ones mine? Not really kinda hard to tell because me and my 12 yr old sister have about the same size foot and it looks like my 17 yr old sister has the same size foot as Chad, haha!
This is Chad once he started getting into his rhythm, he was bowling great towards the end!

My cute little sister who recently started wearing make-up! Overall bowling was great, everyone was able to do it, even Landon, who I think ended up beating me! We always have such a fun time with my family, they keep us laughing constantly!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Count Your Blessings

Well I know I already made one post today but I felt I really needed to write down what happened today. So here it goes...I got in late last night from California and stayed the night at my grandmas house. I had to stop at my house on th eway to school to pick up my backpack, I stopped in got the backpack and turned on the heater so it wouldn't be so cold when I got home from school. As I walked up the stairs to my apt (5 hrs later) I had this impression to remember how the house smelled when I walked in. I opened up the door and noticed a weird smell, kinda like natural gas. I have smelt it before but it was different this time. I called Chad and told him, and that I was going to call the gas company just to ease my mind. A half hour later the "gas man" came and as he walked into my apartment his Carbon monoxide detector started beeping SUPER fast! He had me open up all the windows and door, and then step out of the apartment as he took a read of the carbon monoxide. He said that most homes have 0-1parts per million of CO and homes are considered safe until they get upto 10parts per million, well our apartment had 220parts per million!!! I told the "gas man" that I was tired from school and wanted to take a nap but felt I should call right away, he said that if I would have waited I quite possibly would not have woken up from that nap. Him saying that really shook me up. It made me realize Heavenly Father watches out for us, that he knows when we are in danger and will help us if we are in tune to the Spirit.

As I called to tell my mom about this she began to cry. Little did I know that earlier on in the day she had an uneasy feeling about me that bothered her. She stopped and prayed that I would be ok and watched over. I am so grateful for my mother who too had an impression that she followed today. This reaffirms my belief that Heavenly Father knows each of his children, I think about all that goes on in everyones life, and he had time to help watch over mine.

My Best Friends Wedding!

What better of a day to get married than Valentines Day? It was so fun to see Lisa get married, it was the first temple sealing I have been to since my own. It was really fun for Chad and I to go back to the San Diego Temple, and remember our wedding day. I can't believe that it has been a year and a half, but this post isn't about our wedding it's about Lisas. So here is the story: it was supposed to rain on Saturday but by a miracle it didn't! It was cold, but at least it was sunny and made for good pictures. But unfortunately I have none except for this first one because my camera died .5 seconds after I turned it on.

After the wedding my parents took Chad and I out to eat to El Torrito, where we had our luncheon after our own wedding. That was really fun to reminese about our wedding day. But again this is about Lisa :) We had some time to kill in between the wedding and the reception so we drove down to Pacific Beach and Chad showed me where he used to go visit his friends who lived down there during college. Its always good to see the ocean, I miss it so much! We then went to Lisa's house in Canyon Lake where the reception was at. It looked so pretty, I wish I took pictures but I was only able to charge my camera for a few minutes and consequently was low on battery.
She is such a pretty bride! It was really funny cause once the clock hit 7 (when the reception was scheduled to be over) Lisa took off! She didn't even say anything, if we wouldn't have caught her I don't think anyone would have known they left! Lisa's mom, my mom, and sisters were all laughing at that!!!
Chad and I acting like we are a pro at the whole marriage thing, since it has been a year and a half we know it all...YEAH RIGHT! But I am so glad that I have him! He is such a great guy and is always so much fun! Sometimes I get into this old married woman mode where I go to bed early, but Chad always plans adventures and things for us to do to keep me acting "young"!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Laker Jazz Game

So this past Wednesday the Lakers came to play the Utah Jazz, of course we had to go and support our team. As most of you know Chad is a huge Laker fan, especially for Kobe, he also knows how to work a deal! He bought and resold some tickets and with the profit we were able to sit EIGHT rows up from the court! It worked out great that my Uncle Shaun was doing security right by where we were sitting. So when the Lakers came to warm up we were able to stand on the court and watch them... I can't believe how big 7ft guys are!!! Well if you watched the game you know it came down to the wire and the Lakers could not pull it off. Amazingly we were not harassed too bad, the one time we were it was Chad who kept me calm! Even though they lost it was still so awesome to sit that close and be at a Laker game! Here are a few photos of the game!

Chad and I before the game, this one security guard was definately trying to regulate on us, he didn't know we had "connections"

The team warming up
Here's us at our seats, still smiling even though we lost!

My cousin Matt had this hilarious poncho his parents got him from Mexico! Everybody was asking him where he got it! Still smiling knowing out team is still number 1!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lisa's Bridal Shower!

One of my closest friends Lisa is getting married this month! I am so excited for her, she is so in love and so happy with her fiance Matt. I decided to throw her a bridal shower here in Utah with all of her friends and it was so much fun. We had a crepe bar that was delicous. Chad woke up early that morning and made about 50 crepes! He also hung some pictures I have been wanting up-What a good husband!he then took off to the gym so he wouldn't be in the way. But the crepes were a big hit, it was fun to do something different. A lot of Lisa's friends came, it was fun to have some of the Canyon Lake Ward girls come too! This was the first shower I have ever thrown and I am so glad that it was for Lisa!

I forgot to post this picture earlier of all the food, it definately deserved its picture being taken :)

I told Alexandra that she looked like she belonged with the crepes, she had the French look going on.

Maria and Katie came, it was so fun to have them there!

The trio! Look at the good we are up to now! Back in the days we were the ultimate girls! We loved hanging out. Funny story: one time the three of us were singing the song "Im just a kid" and jumping on Lisa's bed, well it broke when we were on it, and we all started screaming! One of the funniest nights!

I am so excited for her to get married! Its another thing to add to the list of similiarites between the two of us!