Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting Through The Traffic

Photos taken by my talented mother Melanie Wilson on Thanksgiving Day. If you live in the Southern California area and are looking for a talented photographer email me for her contact information. Now on to my post.

A little over a year ago Chad quit his job, he wasn't being challenged, didn't see himself moving up in the company and ultimately was not happy each day at his job. Lucky for us I had just received a promotion at work, we didn't have any kids or big financial obligations so this worked out ok. We didn't realize how long it would take to find the right job. He has had a few offers along the way but nothing worth settling into. I've thought a lot about this situation and phase of our life and compared it to sitting in traffic, something we are very familiar with living in LA.

There are many other people were also looking for jobs because of the high unemployment in our country. So here we were sitting in this traffic jam with all these other people waiting for the traffic to be over. The process was slow, we crept along, at times it seemed to lighten up but ultimately we ended up back in traffic. It was tough because we knew what we were looking for (sort of) and could see it approaching but it was taking so long, just like traffic.  But I am so excited to say that we have finally made it through and are moving at full speed.

I am so proud of Chad and how hard he worked in searching for a new job, he never gave up hope that the right thing would come our way. Today was his first day of work, he left at 5:00 this morning to begin his training in Denver where he will be this week. Next week he will be in LA and Las Vegas Monday-Friday. His schedule is already full but we couldn't be happier for him to find a great job. He is working for a medical sales company and will be covering the LA-San Diego region, this will be a perfect job for him and we don't have to move away from our friends, family, and my job.

Its interesting to look back on the process and see the Lord's hand directing our path and preparing us for the right thing to come our way. It is in these trials that we often turn to Him for guidance and help. And it is truly a beautiful process to look back and see that He was watching over us. Now I just need His help finding us our own place to live :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Like most of you out there I had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. Nothing better than spending the time with family, having 5 days off of work, eating great food, it was the perfect Stay-cation. Oh and I can't forget the 78 degree weather that decided to bless us all weekend! For Thanksgiving we went to my grandparents in Long Beach, with most of my immediate family and a few extended family members. My mom took some pictures for Chad and I that I love and will share here soon.

On Friday Chad and I headed up to Camarillo to the outlets, it was pure madness. The outlets there are HUGE and they take Black Friday serious up there, mall cops were out in full force :) We enjoyed the drive up there, it was so nice to have some open space, living in LA we don't get much any open space. We came home and watch Tangled together, I love that movie! I can't believe how real cartoons look these days.

Saturday we went on a bike ride with Maddy and Eric from Hermosa to Venice Beach. Round trip that's about a 20 mile bike ride. When we finished Chad told me how proud he was that I finished it, thanks babe for literally pushing me through some rough spots. Venice Beach has the best people watching ever. There are so many oddballs up there its crazy. It really is pretty dirty though and a little sad, so many young homeless kids strung out on drugs trying to make some money. But then you also have your street performers and freak shows that are great entertainment.

Sunday we went to church and then made a yummy dinner for Chad's dads birthday. We barbequed chicken, homemade sweet potato fries, and grilled vegetables.

I love him
Grandpa, Chad and Tanner flying helicopters
Do little boys come any cuter?
Eric takes "Movember" Seriously
Street Ball on the Beach
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This guy started working out when he saw I was taking pictures
"The Shark" Aka Chad

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Golden Caramel Nails

I was inspired by this pin for my Pinterest recreation, it is a perfect holiday nail, but not too bold and wild. I love the Sephora Gold Top Coat, the gold specks sure glam up the nails.

The Pinsperation

The Recreation
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