Thursday, January 26, 2012



7 Reasons Why I love Sunsets:
1. Perfect way to relax and forget about a tough work day
2. They are romantic
3. I always think that "this" is the prettiest one I have ever seen
4. When I was little my mom said that fairies lived in the pink clouds
5. No two sunsets are the same
6. Everyone gets to experience them
7. I like to think of them as God's paintings (He's a pretty awesome artist)

What about you, what do you love about sunsets?

Monday, January 23, 2012


Friday night we went ice skating with the youth at our church. I'm not sure who had more fun, this kids, or the adults (if we count as adults). I haven't been ice skating in years, last time I went I remember looking at the girls in the middle of the rink with the pretty outfits and graceful spins. This time was no different, I watched them glide across the ice and envisioned that is what I looked like. Only this time when I looked back at the pictures from the night realized I looked nothing like those girls, who am I kidding? Grace is not found anywhere in my name. Anyways we had a great time, just look at the pictures I think they are good proof.

Eric and Madison doing an ice dance
Had a couple falls during the night
But it's ok, they got up and still had fun :)
Even had some tricks performed toward the end of the night
Group Shot

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Blogger: Catherine from Fest

I'm really excited to have my friend Catherine be my very first Guest Blogger :) Catherine and I have become really good friends over the last year, we have a lot in common (i.e.  work with the Young Women @ church, love volleyball, love the beach). She just started a new blog called Fest with a pretty bold goal for 2012. I was really intrigued by her goal and asked her to share it on my blog.

They say the 2nd most common New Year's resolution behind losing weight is saving money. I guess I'm just taking that one step farther by focusing on my clothing budget, which this year is $0. Yes, $0. I'm not going to buy a single piece of clothing this year. A lot of people think this idea is crazy (I've received reactions like "I could never do that.", "That is quite an ambitious challenge!", "Good luck!"), but I'm really excited to show other people that if you buy the right clothes and have good quality, properly-fitting pieces, you really don't need such a huge closet to look great everyday.

I'm already starting to identify some staples that keep popping up in my outfits, like my skinny black belt. I wear it a lot and it helps my outfits feel put together. I'm a big fan of belts in general. They're something small that can create an entirely new silhouette for an outfit. Check out the different uses of my skinny black belt below.

I hope you'll visit FEST and follow my journey! Maybe it will help you identify some new uses for clothing items that are already sitting in your closet.


PS. Be sure to join the site so you can enter the giveaway!


Thanks Catherine! You can check out her blog by clicking {here}

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bahamas Part 5

Sick of the pictures yet? Well it's the last one, I think.

After the waterpark everyone went snorkeling, well almost everyone. Kristi and I were too cold to go in the water. I am so glad we went on this trip with friends so Chad didn't have to snorkel by himself.

That night we went out to our last dinner. Dinners were so fun as we would sit at the table for hours, debating over nothing that really mattered, reminiscing about the days activities, answering Chad's hypothetical questions and talking about our plans for another trip in the future :)

After dinner we went explored "The Ruins" which is the Aquarium @ The Atlantis. It was the largest aquarium I have ever seen and had so many cool things to see. My favorite was the sea horses and least favorite where the eels. They totally reminded me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Our last morning there Chad woke up really early for some last minute snorkeling. We went to the Dolphin Cay one last time to see the dolphins and then headed to the airport. We were so rushed at the airport that we didn't end up getting to say good-bye to our friends. (They were all flying back to SLC and us LAX). We did get to send a message via the flight attendent which just had to do. This trip was so much fun. Both Chad and I were looking forward to it for so long and it did not disappoint. I am so glad that we have such good friends that we get to experience new things with. I'm excited to see what next New Year's will look like!

Bahamas Part 4

Water park Wednesday! We spent the day at the warter park. The Atlantis has the water slide called Leap of Faith where you drop straight down and go through a shark tank. I took pictures of everyone doing the free fall drop and have to say the pictures are pretty funny.

Pre-drop shot

They conquered that slide

                                                  Relaxing after a full day of sliding

Bahamas Part 3

I'm starting to get my days blurred so I've begun grouping the pictures into activities, somewhat in chronological order:

Swimming with the Dolphins was one of my favorite things we did. They are such a friendly animal for the most part. One of the activities we did with the dolphin is we were able to hug and kiss them, there was one dolphin that doesn't like to kiss people and had a tendency to bite. Good thing that we didn't get that dolphin. It's interesting to see the trainers interact with each dolphin, they know their personalities so well. Wetsuits are super attractive by the way.

 All the guys went golfing one day while us girls got massages in the spa. After our massages we all came to the same conclusion that the Bahamian masseuses were not as careful about keeping you covered during your massage :)
 On Tuesday we had 40 mph winds and it was pretty chilly. We went to the Straw Market it Nassau to do some shopping. Not too much to buy, especially when the people refer to you as "hey you girl", huge turn off to me spending money.

Isn't he handsome?!?