Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Great Memorial Day Weekend!!

This past weekend was so much fun! It first started with my class on Thursday being cancelled which meant I was able to pick my mom and Landon up from the airport! When I saw Landon he was in his stroller, he jumped out and ran full speed into my arms and gave me the biggest kiss I have ever had! It is so fun to be that loved by a little boy! Within 15 minutes he had confiscated my gum and taken all my quarters. He said "I don't like dimes and pennies, you can't buy 'nothin with them, I only want your quarters."

On Thursday night we went to the airport to see my cousin Danny come home from his mission in New Zealand, while we were waiting Landon entertained everyone with some breakdancing!

Here I am with my sister Alyssa, cousins Savannah, Matt and Wesley. Matt just left for his mission to Tonga yesterday! He got to spend 6 days with his brother Danny before leaving.
Here is my Uncle Shaun and Aunt Christines whole family! All 11 of them!

Alyssa was teaching Matt how to tie his tie before we went to the temple, and my Grandma Dee is taking pointers in the background.
Me and my mom outside of the SLC temple after doing a session with my cousins, aunt and uncle and grandparents.
The Lakers had a victory and we all decided to parade around to my uncles friends in the neighborhood, lets just say they aren't Laker fans.

My mom, sister Alyssa and me at our Memorial Day bbq!

My cousin Madeline was put in charge of sturring the homemade rootbeer, so good!

My cousin Danny and I filling up on hotdogs and bakes beans!

has been so fun spending the last week with my family. I really enjoy hanging out with my cousins, we are all getting older now and have become good friends. We still pull the same pranks on eachother, one of the boys always gets his nails painted and in retaliation they draw mustaches and unibrows on someone else.
When I was in high school I always wanted to be doing things with my friends, but now I have the most fun when I am with family. Its interesting how what is important changes. It was sad to say goodbye to my Mom and Landon this morning, I love having family around. This weekend would have been perfect if my dad, Hayley, Tanner, and McKenna could be here and especially Chad. I seem to miss him more when I was with family because I remember what its like to have someone around all the time. But luckily I am off to Dallas to see him in 1 WEEK! I cannot wait!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shopping...the cure-all!

This weekend I was feeling kind of lonely, I always have looked forward to the weekends because it meant no school for me, and not work for Chad. But this past weekend I didn't have anything planned and was actually looking forward to Monday so I would have school. Well luckily Meggan is also husbandless and we decided to spend the day shopping! It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun at the Gateway! We both were craving Cheescake Factory so we went to the Fashion Place Mall and had a late lunch there, and then we shopped that mall as well! Lets just say we were wiped out, but it really did make me feel better. I didn't spend a lot of money but it is just so fun to be out! Its amazing what a pair of shoes can do for you! I absolutely love love love shoes!
My new shoes!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Loving Flowers!

I literally walked in the door from my floral design class, took a few pictures, turned on the computer and started this post, I get so excited every time I actually make something. This week we were using floral foam which allows flowers to stay in the place you want them. So I had to find a pot that wasn't see through so you couldn't see how tacky the floral foam actually looks. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and was feeling crafty (which has been disasterous in the past), so I decided to buy a cheap terra cotta pot and paint it.
1. Fist I painted the rim white
2. Then I painted the rest yellow, it looked kind of plain so I then added polka dots using the end of a Q-tip.
3. Next I added the flowers! I can't believe this is a class I get to take for school that counts towards my major, it is just too much fun!
4. And now here they are at my house. I feel a bit selfish because I haven't technically given anything away but I love having fresh flowers in my house and I also justify it that I need them. Since the house is pretty quiet these flowers sure do liven it up!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day~

Happy Mothers Day!!! This year I have two mothers to be grateful for and if I lived closer to them I would have given them these flowers that I made in floral design!!! So if the saying "its the thought that counts" is true then consider these yours!
My mom and I
I have such a great mom, she is always there for me and my 6 other siblings! Some of my earliest memories is having her sing to me primary songs before I would go to sleep and she would rub my nose, which would somehow help me fall asleep. Another random memory is helping her make cookies and she would always let me smell the vanilla which was my favorite, and whenver there is a gorgeous sunset she would always have all of us kids come outside and take a moment to look at it. I am grateful for the little things like this that she did for me, they help me appreciate what is around me and also helped me learn to love the Gospel. Thanks mom for also being a great friend, I love now that I am older that we can talk as friends also. I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Mother-in-law Janice
I also was so lucky to get a great mother in law. I am so grateful for her especially because she is the one who raised my husband! I know that because of Janice, Chad grew up to be such a great person! I love being able to spend time with you, I also appreciate you checking up on me while Chad is gone, it is nice to know that others are thinking about me and how I am doing! Thank you Janice for being so welcoming of me, I feel so loved by you and the rest of the family! Happy Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trip to Oklahoma

My trip to Oklahoma was so much fun!!! It was really nice to spend time with Chad again. He picked me up from the airport and it was so good to see him, we always talk on the phone but it is so much better to be with him in person. The first day that I got there I went out knocking with Chad, it was fun to go and see what he does all day, we talked with some pretty interesting people, it was funny to see how older people just love to talk, not too interested in the product more in just a listening ear. But after that day of knocking we decided just to enjoy the rest of the weekend. On Friday we went out to Bricktown, which is downtown OKC, first to a baseball game and then to this amazing Mexican restaurant called Chilenas. (Sorry for the blurry picture)
After we walked around the canal downtown we decided to go look for the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. We found it around 11 0'clock at night and it was so neat. When you first get up to the museum there is a chainlinked fence that is covered with memorabila of those who were killed in the bombing. This fence was put up to keep people out of the sight, not intended to become part of the memorial, but it is so powerful they decided to leave it there. While we were walking around we met this older lady who lost her daughter that day, she was there that night to feel close to her daughter.

On Saturday we went with the guys Chad works with to the Art Fair. I love fair food, my favorite is the corn!!!! I have been known to eat more than one per fair! One of the things that is so different about Oklahoma is how windy it is. My hair was a mess the whole time I was there. The weather was really nice most of the time (besides the wind).

Me and Chad at the fair, with downtown OKC in the background!

Of course we had to watch the Laker game together! I brought out both of our Jerseys so we could wear them out that night as we watched the game. Oklahomans are much nicer than Utahns when we wore our jerseys.

I got home last Monday, it was sad to leave him of course but luckily I had a fun trip planned to St. George just two days after I got home. I went with my sister-in-law Kristi, and her two kids. IT was a nice relaxing trip, we laid out at the pool, went out to eat, shopped and watched movies. Nothing better than being in warm weather!!!