How We Met

Me, fresh out of high school, on my own for the very first time and totally boy crazy. Him, 23 years old a “veteran” at BYU-Idaho looking for a young girl to date so he wouldn’t have to get serious.
It was the first big event for the new semester at BYU-Idaho in October 2005, an event called Guitars Unplugged.

Me: I had spent an hour (our 2, or 3) getting ready. I went with my roommate and a few other girls from my Ward. The first part is a talent show, students sing either original or cover songs.

Him: He had a football game earlier that day, was super exhausted, but decided to show up to the event. Once he got there he realized that he was hungry and left to get some food. After getting food he decided to come back, most of his friends were married now but he had one friend he knew would be there.

Me: After the show there was a dance in the Hart (the gym at BYU-I). I was dancing with my roommate and some guys from my ward that I had become friends with. Of course scoping out to see if I could find a handsome co-ed to dance with.

Him: He met up with his friend/wingman and noticed a young blonde girl dancing with a group of girls. He asked said friend and said friends friend if they knew who young blonde was. No one knew. He decided we would find out. But young blonde had disappeared and he could not find her.

Me: Some of the girls in my ward were not that social and were sitting on the side waiting for me and my roommate to leave, we were 18 excited for college and boys, they were older and over the dance scene I guess. We both felt bad so we decided that we would find our ride and take off, after all we did have a fun night so far.

Him: He sees her again, she looks like she is leaving. He says a corny pick up line “yeah, ok I will call you later”

Me: Hears a guy saying something about calling me, my first thought “I did not give my number out to anyone…tonight” I turn around to see this tall blonde a little embarrassed that I heard him.
Him: Crap she actually heard that.
Me: He motioned for me to come over. Me and roommate Dani, went over to talk with these 2 guys quickly as our ride was waiting for us.

Him: A slow song comes on as young blonde is walking over and decides to ask her to dance.

Me: I really should get going but this guys wingman takes my roommate and starts dancing with her so if she is going to dance so will I.

He ended up being charming, and handsome and I easily gave him my phone number at the conclusion of the song we danced to. He waited the “industry standard” 48 hours and called. In the beginning I told him I didn’t want a boyfriend, he likewise confirmed he did not want a girlfriend (which is why he liked that I was young, only 18). A few weeks after “hanging out” he bought me a nice warm blanket so I would go watch his championship football game. It was then that my mom told me “this boy wants to be more than friends”. Well guess what mom, I guess I did too!

After dating for a year and a half, an eternity @ BYU-Idaho, we were engaged. It was the most incredible night, I remember feeling more happy than I have ever been, I couldn’t call everyone soon enough, couldn’t stop smiling and telling him over and over how much I loved him.

On August 11, 2007 we were married in the San Diego Temple. Up until that point the moment we got engaged was the happiest day, but wedding day definitely trumped engagement day. After almost four years we are still so happy. Life is not perfect and everyday is not easy but it sure helps to have someone by your side to help you through it.

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Dani Yardley said...

WHIT!! This totally made me smile. I didn't know Chad's side of the story, so that's fun to know ;) What a great match you are for each other! I'm so excited for your little one.