Monday, May 21, 2012


Last week we took a quick trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate the baby. I highly recommend taking a trip together before the baby comes! Our schedule consisted of:

1. Sleeping
2. Eating
3. Laying poolside
4. Eating
5. Relaxing
6. Eating

Anyways you get where that's going. We spent most of our time at our beautiful resort soaking in the sun, soaking in out time just the two of us, and soaking in the fact that this baby is coming in almost 3 months!! I took a million pictures, here are a few of my favs!
View from our room, looking out at the Hilton Resort

We loved the infinity pool right on the ocean.

Our spot we claimed for the week

Dressed up for dinner one night

This picture cracks me up. Chad thought it would be more fun to take the bus into Cabo, instead of getting a taxi. The workers at our resort said it was safe and lots of tourists use the bus. After we ran across the highway and flagged down the bus we realized we were the ONLY Americans there. It was safe which is what mattered most.

When we got into downtown Cabo we took a boat ride out at sunset to a few landmark sites.

I love how warm the nights were, no jacket needed at all.

Lover's Beach

The Famous Arch

Land's End (Last piece of land on Baja California)

The sunset was gorgeous this evening

View of our resort from the Beach

We couldn't go in the water infront of where we were staying, I thought about it but these waves scared me away.

This is where we ate breakfast every morning

Getting some sun! I could lay out at the pool all day and never get bored.

Last picture in the lobby before we headed back to real life.

PS Cabo is the perfect little getaway if you live in LA. It's only a 2 hour flight and is so beautiful! We plan on making this an annual trip.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Girl Time

It's not secret I have become a terrible blogger. I blame it on the fact that work is busy and now I'm not the only one working in the office so it's not as easy to whip out my pictures and put together a post. When I get home from work the last thing I want to do is get in front of a computer again, so there is my excuse.

 I have been looking forward to the month of May because we have so much going on it makes the time pass quickly. I got to spend the weekend with my mom, grandma and 2/3 of my sisters at the Time Out For Women Conference. We had a blast together, just girls laughing, eating, learning, growing (literally & spiritually), and photo-taking.

Never a dull moment when we are together

I Love My Grandma's Jump here!

22 Weeks

Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Camping Trip Since We Have Been Married

Last weekend we headed up to Wheeler Gorge with some friends to escape the city. This was the first time that Chad and I have ever been camping together and we had a great time. I was worried that being 5 months pregnant I wouldn't sleep very well; but after hiking a few miles, eating around the campfire, roasting s'mores (and Starbursts), and staying up telling stories around the fire, I had no problem sleeping. That is until the woodpecker woke up and pecked on the trees for what seemed like hours :) It was so refreshing being outside, disconnected from technology, and spending quaulity time with friends.  Between the girls we got plenty of pictures.