Monday, January 11, 2010

Pictures with my Family

We went down for a day in Huntington Beach with my family and it kind of turned into a photo session. My mom LOVES to take pictures and since everyone was in town she decided we needed to take some pictures. So here are a few of the ones she and I took! I love being with my family we had so much fun together over Christmas I was really sad to see my sisters go back up to Utah/Idaho!
The whole gang!

My sisters and sis-in-law

Me and Chadwick (he really loves when we take a LOT of pictures...not)

My brothers, dad, grandpa and husband

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas with the Davenports

We had Christmas with the Davenports a few days after so we could have it with Chad's sister and her family. It was really fun because Christmas lasted for more than just the one day! We also got to do a lot of Christmas festivities with Chad's parents which we really enjoyed.

We went out together and picked out the perfect tree, this was our first time getting a real tree since we have been married so I was really excited about this!

Of course we had to go look at Christmas lights, I thought this was really funny, it is Santa in the space ship. (Remember the boy they "thought" was in the bubble)
The Grove was all decorated for Christmas, at night they had snow (soap bubbles) fall from the sky! Its kind of nice only dealing with fake snow this year, since we have been in the snow for the past 4+ years!
After Christmas we went to the Wild Animal Park with the whole family, I have more pictures but didn't have them on the computer and I am on a roll right now posting so I will add them later.
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Christmas with the Wilsons

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my parents this year, we had a lot of fun with my brothers and sisters and enjoyed having my grandparents over on Christmas Eve. We had dinner on Christmas Eve, then played games and sung Christmas songs. One of my favorite parts was when my brother, husband, dad, and grandpa all sang for us. If you know Chad you know he doesn't EVER sing so this was a treat for me! I also got a new camera which I am so excited about, I love taking pictures but had a basic digital camera, I got a Canon so hopefully my pictures will improve!
We gave Landon a big tub of licorice, he was confused how he is supposed to eat all of it! I love his face in this picture.

We went to a park and played volleyball and ultimate frisbee with my Aunt and Uncle and their family, it was a gorgeous sunny day!

And of course we watched the Laker game!

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Vegas Trip with Security 1

After Thanksgiving we went to Las Vegas for a company trip/end of the year banquet. We had so much fun! A lot of our friends were there and it was a great way to celebrate all of the hard work that Chad and the other guys did over the summer. We went shopping, saw a Cirque de Sole (spelled wrong I'm sure) show Ka, which was pretty cool, had a dinner at a nice restaurant and we stayed at the MGM!

Some of the couples the first night

My brother and his wife Meggan

Some of the guys that work for Security 1

Here are some of the wives!

Thanksgiving in St. George

For Thanksgiving we went to St. George with the Davenport side of the family. We had a great time, Chad's parents rented a house for all of us to stay in, we had turkey dinner, played games, went on a bike ride, and enjoyed being all together. So here are some pics of Thanksgiving!

Us with our neice Claire in here Thanksgiving outfit!

Some of the family playing games, Uncle Roger, Janice, cousin Heidi, and sister-in-law Kristi

My brother-in-law Kiel and some of the Martin cousins

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I need to do some serious updates!

Ok so I know it has been forever (this sounds like how I began all of my journal entries which are spaced a year apart) but I am going to try and update the blog. I thought about doing it all in one but that is what has turned me off about updating it so I think I will do little by little. But first I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope that everyone had fun over the holidays. I know I sure did and that is why I haven't updated my blog, we were with family ALOT which makes me so happy. So one of my goals for this year is to do a better job at updating the blog, now that it is a few weeks into January I should probably get started on that goal. SO here is to the posts to come, I hope I don't get burnt out after the first one!