Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My camera threw up pictures

I haven't been very good at updating our blog about what we have been up to. While most days we spend at home in our pajamas or running to Target, we do shower, brush our hair and get out every now and again. Here are a bunch of pictures of what we have been up to:

Went to Palm Springs for our friend Kristi's Ironman:

Cole watching tv with Chad, and looking pretty cool I'll say.

We got our very 1st real Christmas tree. (It took us 2 weeks to actually decorate it)

Cole met Santa, wasn't too much of a fan.

Hanging out in our pjs (since this is real life)

Girls Night Out with girls from my ward. I just have to say how lucky I am to have so many friends, the ward we are in is really the best!

Went to my work Christmas party at Lucky Strike. Love my boss! I start working January 7th and she is letting me work from home.

Last weekend we went to the Grove in LA. They have fake snow, a great farmers market (yummy crepes) and awesome shopping. We put Cole in the Bjorn for the 1st time and he loved being able to look out at all the people.
It took even longer than this to get there, gotta love LA traffic.

TV and Treats, a great Monday morning

Friday, December 7, 2012

3 Months Old

This month has been my favorite so far. The first two months, those were really tough, and it still is hard but there are more rewards this month. Cole is all smiles, he is such a happy boy as long as it isn't nap time or time to eat.  He has no problem letting us know it.is.time. He also started laughing this past week, talk about melting my heart. I don't think I have ever loved any other sound more in my life. He plays a lot more and loves his play mat that lights up and has music. I lay him on that while I make dinner and I love to hear him talk and entertain himself. He loves to talk to his dad, when Chad comes home they tell each other about their day, this also melts my heart.

He is sleeping better than he did last month, still wakes up once or twice but he goes back down to sleep really well.  He slept 7 hours straight one night and I have never loved him more.  He loves kids, whenever we are around them he stares and sometimes lets out a shout at them just to make his presence known. I think he wants to get up and play already. 

I love being this little guys mom, he really is so sweet and has a cute little personality. It is so fun now that he knows who I am and actually likes me and doesn't just look at me like his food source. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

This year for Thanksgiving we drove up to St. George to spend the week with Chad's family. Kristi, Kiel and the kids drove down from Bountiful also.  We had a great time at his parents home in St. George, the weather was perfect, low 70s and we enjoyed being escaping from LA and being in a small town with some fresh air. We drove up to Snow Canyon for a picnic lunch and a hike, walked down to the river and threw rocks, ate a lot of food, went on a bike ride and enjoyed being together. We made a pit stop in Vegas to meet up with some friends, I was able to enjoy a relaxing massage, we went out to dinner and saw the new Cirque Du Soleil show Zarkana, and did a little shopping. Cole even rode in a limo for the first time!
3 generations - Brent, Chad and Cole

I couldn't believe how many pumpkin pies there were at Costco

The cutest little turkey bum

Claire was such a good babysitter and loved playing with Cole

Can't take the California out of Chad

Grandma had Luke and Claire ask each of us what we were thankful for before we ate dinner

We did a little shopping at the St. George craft fair.

Cole was partying too hard and passed out in Chad's arms at lunch, something he rarely does.

Kristi brought this play pad for Cole and he LOVES it (if only the music didn't get stuck in my head)

Limo Ride, he has no idea what is going on

Buffet anyone?

Cole hanging out in the room in Las Vegas


It doesn't get better than this (minus my baby voice)

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's not fun getting woken up...

Right Cole?

Getting ready in less time

Having time to get ready now seems like a luxury. Showers are taken at night because realistically I don't have time to shower, blow dry my hair and get ready all at once. That would take me all day long.  I've found some great products that I like to use that help to cut down on time to get ready.

Instead of curling my hair I use this. I spray it in my hair at night and scrunch it up.  Then in the morning I may curl a few pieces on top if I have a few extra minutes.

Also I use this dry shampooIt really dries my hair out so I will also put a shine spray to bring some moisture back.  But I can now go 4 days without washing my hair, TMI?

Not getting enough sleep shows under my eyes.  I have noticed I have dark circles that made me look tired (guess what I am). But I don't want the whole world to know that by looking at me, I hate when someone says "oh you look so tired". So to fight the dark circles I have started using this product.
It is great, and you really only need a dab under each eye and under the brow bone. It does wonders!
Some other little things I do that make me feel better about myself are:

Paint my nails. I am loving this color and this color right now.

Fill in my eyebrows like this. Wear this lip gloss:
And then spray this perfume:
 Any other tips/secrets you use that are helpful when needing to get ready in point 5 seconds?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Months Young

We had his 2-Month check up last Wednesday (the 7th) and he now weighs 10 lbs 15 oz (7lbs 3 oz @ birth) and is 23 inches long(20 1/4 in). I guess that answers my question if he is getting enough to eat. He is in the 50th percentile in everything right on track!

A few fun facts:
Smiles all the time (as long as he has a full tummy), and it is the best reward so far!
Such a happy baby now that he can interact and talk with us
Still eats every 3 hours during the day and night, oh vey
LOVES getting his diaper changed
Likes his baths, finally
Takes a bottle like a champ, he is not a picky boy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Blessing Day

It was a perfect November Day. To hear my husband bless our son in church will be a day that I will remember. The love I have for Chad and Cole is ridiculous, I love these two boys so much. All the sacrifices and sleepless nights were worth this beautiful day.  Family is more important to me now than it ever has been before. We were surrounded by both of our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. And those that weren't there were terribly missed, but we felt your love as well. I am one lucky girl.