Friday, December 7, 2012

3 Months Old

This month has been my favorite so far. The first two months, those were really tough, and it still is hard but there are more rewards this month. Cole is all smiles, he is such a happy boy as long as it isn't nap time or time to eat.  He has no problem letting us know He also started laughing this past week, talk about melting my heart. I don't think I have ever loved any other sound more in my life. He plays a lot more and loves his play mat that lights up and has music. I lay him on that while I make dinner and I love to hear him talk and entertain himself. He loves to talk to his dad, when Chad comes home they tell each other about their day, this also melts my heart.

He is sleeping better than he did last month, still wakes up once or twice but he goes back down to sleep really well.  He slept 7 hours straight one night and I have never loved him more.  He loves kids, whenever we are around them he stares and sometimes lets out a shout at them just to make his presence known. I think he wants to get up and play already. 

I love being this little guys mom, he really is so sweet and has a cute little personality. It is so fun now that he knows who I am and actually likes me and doesn't just look at me like his food source. 

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