Monday, July 20, 2009

Louisiana Trip!

This past Saturday we decided to head over to the Louisiana Boardwalk! It is such a neat place, there are a TON of outlets and really cool restaraunts and it is all right on the river. The weather was beautiful, not super hot and humid like it has been, we had a great time being out together! Chad treated us all to dinner on the patio at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is a really popular place here. Its been really fun this summer to get out and see new places, Louisiana is only about 2 hrs away from us so it wasn't too bad of a trip, definately worth it!

They even had an aligator pond!

Taking some pictures along the river

The boys!

More pics of just the two of us

Chad, Kory, and Janet, the other wife out here

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tyler, the Turtle!

Ever since Chad moved to Tyler he has been eyeing the turtles in the swamp right by where we live. A few years ago he caught a turtle and he no longer has it, so he was determined to get a new one. We saw a little baby turtle no bigger than an inch and a half and knew this was the one for us. For 2 days Chad has tried to catch it with just his hands but it is too fast, so last night we went to Wal Mart and bought a net. This morning we went down and could not find the turtle, we killed some time at the pool and then went by again. This time one of the guys saw the turtle, Chad got into the swamp (which is SSSOOO gross) and after a few tries he got him! We didn't have an aquarium yet so we put him in a glass bowl for a few hours before we bought him his new home. It is a little sad because you could see how stressed he was in the bowl, and now all he does is hide. I really hope that he will warm up to us! So now I get to be a mom to a turtle, I guess that will have to do for now. Here are some pictures of the catch!

Proud Daddy!

The whole fam (joking)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our recent trips!

Well we did it, put all of our stuff in storage, made a quick trip to California then drove from Utah to Texas. It was a LONG drive but it was nice to be with Chad. (This is probably going to sound like a daily log so bare with me!)

All of our stuff in storage

FOr Chads birthday we went to a Dodgers day game, it was really fun, we sat up in the nosebleeds with all the summer camp kids! I actually enjoyed being surrounded by all the kids, its funny to see how they just act and don't care how silly they look, very entertaining.

After the game we went to Grand Central Station in downtown LA, its a market with fresh fruit, and authentic Mexican food, Chad took the opportunity to partake of the Mexican food!

We then went to Santa Monica with Chad's parents to shop and eat at one of our favorite restaurants Houstons, we love the French Dip there! We definately crammed a lot in but that is what made his birthday so much fun!

The next day we went to Wildomar for Landon's birthday party! He called and invited me to his party and said "make sure you bring Chad!" He says the cutest things, while we were there he told me that when I'm done being married to Chad, he wants to marry me! I love this little boy! We got him a slip n slide for his birthday, he loved it, needed a little help sliding but he really enjoyed playing on it with Chad.

That night we went to the park and played volleyball, my family all LOVES to play and Chad has become a huge volleyball fan, I loved playing again!

We took a drive down the coast, started in Long Beach and ended up in San Clemente. In this picture we are at Huntington, we ate at BJs and I got a custom toe ring (its not that cool, it is just sized to your toe).

For the 4th Chad and I met up with my family and played beach volleyball for a couple hours, then we went back to his parents and had a bbq with them. I love that we are able to see both our families on the holidays!

Me and McKenna laying out on the beach!

My uncle, Chad, dad, and little brother Tanner talking about the Lakers, Im Sure! Well this was the end of our trip in California, we left early the next morning for our trip to Texas!

We stopped at this tourist restauraunt called The Big Texan, it was on the show Man vs. Food! Chad here is attempting the challenge, not really, didn't think that would be a good idea to eat 72 ozs of steak and then get back on the road for another 6 hrs!

Its been a little over a week since we got back to Tyler, TX and I have enjoyed it so far. I spend the majority of my day at the pool, reading, or working on my online cooking class I need to finish. Its pretty rough! After we are done in Texas we will go to California, then to Utah for graduation and then back to California, we are hoping home base will be in southern California! BOth of our families are there, the beach, volleyball, now I just need to secure a job and find a place-the easiest part right!