Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tyler, the Turtle!

Ever since Chad moved to Tyler he has been eyeing the turtles in the swamp right by where we live. A few years ago he caught a turtle and he no longer has it, so he was determined to get a new one. We saw a little baby turtle no bigger than an inch and a half and knew this was the one for us. For 2 days Chad has tried to catch it with just his hands but it is too fast, so last night we went to Wal Mart and bought a net. This morning we went down and could not find the turtle, we killed some time at the pool and then went by again. This time one of the guys saw the turtle, Chad got into the swamp (which is SSSOOO gross) and after a few tries he got him! We didn't have an aquarium yet so we put him in a glass bowl for a few hours before we bought him his new home. It is a little sad because you could see how stressed he was in the bowl, and now all he does is hide. I really hope that he will warm up to us! So now I get to be a mom to a turtle, I guess that will have to do for now. Here are some pictures of the catch!

Proud Daddy!

The whole fam (joking)


The Webb Family said...

Whit that is soooo funny! Well the Family Picture is anyway!

I love turtles. They are so cute.

I'm glad you guys are getting settled and having fun.

Tyler is a very nice place. My Great Grandma lived there for most of her life. She owned a house on 3 cares of land. It was covered in Ivy and beautifule trees. She recently sold her property and moved to the OC. I'm so bummed that we won't get to go visit Tyler anymore.

Let me know when you end up back in California. If you have some spare time you and/or Chad are welcome to out to Oceanside. We'd love to have you over for dinner. Or we can spend a day at the beach!

Erica said...

Tyler is a very cleaver name for him! Cute, ridiculous and sad. I picture him getting ripped away from his family. But I am sure he will have a better life with you guys. Being parents is the best!

Steph said...

Brandon had an ENORMOUS tank with a turtle in it when I met him. When he moved to Utah, he left it in his old apartment. I was so sad! I would have loved to have a turtle. i am jealous. Have fun! Oh and what is the little guys name?!

MWilson said...

Funny Pics, but Erica said just what I said to you, sad... he probably misses his family! Good luck bonding with a 1 inch turtle:)

Kayley said...

Tyler is SO cute! I used to have a tiny turtle like that named Franklin- they could have been friends! :)

kristivon said...

Cute turtle! That shows determination for Chad to get INTO the swamp! Funny. :) It's worth it - I just saw a turtle at the pet store for $200.