Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

This year for Thanksgiving we drove up to St. George to spend the week with Chad's family. Kristi, Kiel and the kids drove down from Bountiful also.  We had a great time at his parents home in St. George, the weather was perfect, low 70s and we enjoyed being escaping from LA and being in a small town with some fresh air. We drove up to Snow Canyon for a picnic lunch and a hike, walked down to the river and threw rocks, ate a lot of food, went on a bike ride and enjoyed being together. We made a pit stop in Vegas to meet up with some friends, I was able to enjoy a relaxing massage, we went out to dinner and saw the new Cirque Du Soleil show Zarkana, and did a little shopping. Cole even rode in a limo for the first time!
3 generations - Brent, Chad and Cole

I couldn't believe how many pumpkin pies there were at Costco

The cutest little turkey bum

Claire was such a good babysitter and loved playing with Cole

Can't take the California out of Chad

Grandma had Luke and Claire ask each of us what we were thankful for before we ate dinner

We did a little shopping at the St. George craft fair.

Cole was partying too hard and passed out in Chad's arms at lunch, something he rarely does.

Kristi brought this play pad for Cole and he LOVES it (if only the music didn't get stuck in my head)

Limo Ride, he has no idea what is going on

Buffet anyone?

Cole hanging out in the room in Las Vegas

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