Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting ready in less time

Having time to get ready now seems like a luxury. Showers are taken at night because realistically I don't have time to shower, blow dry my hair and get ready all at once. That would take me all day long.  I've found some great products that I like to use that help to cut down on time to get ready.

Instead of curling my hair I use this. I spray it in my hair at night and scrunch it up.  Then in the morning I may curl a few pieces on top if I have a few extra minutes.

Also I use this dry shampooIt really dries my hair out so I will also put a shine spray to bring some moisture back.  But I can now go 4 days without washing my hair, TMI?

Not getting enough sleep shows under my eyes.  I have noticed I have dark circles that made me look tired (guess what I am). But I don't want the whole world to know that by looking at me, I hate when someone says "oh you look so tired". So to fight the dark circles I have started using this product.
It is great, and you really only need a dab under each eye and under the brow bone. It does wonders!
Some other little things I do that make me feel better about myself are:

Paint my nails. I am loving this color and this color right now.

Fill in my eyebrows like this. Wear this lip gloss:
And then spray this perfume:
 Any other tips/secrets you use that are helpful when needing to get ready in point 5 seconds?

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Kayley said...

I try to go as long as I can between hair washes too. My hair lady just gave me some of the bumble and bumble spray and it didn't work on me! Do you put it in wet or dry? I put it on when my hair was almost totally dry and it felt gross after. And do you let it air dry or do you blow dry with a diffuser? Sorry for all the ?s - I love the concept and was bummed it didn't work for me!