Thursday, November 1, 2012

Road Trip with a New Baby

We have a lot of family and friends that still live up in Utah so we decided to head up north to visit them and introduce them all to Cole. We had mixed reviews from people about taking a road trip with a new baby, but we decided we wanted to do it and Cole would have to be a good sport. It turned out to be super easy. We drove to Vegas the first day and then made the rest of the drive the second day. Cole slept for all but maybe a half hour of the trip. It was easier than taking care of him at home for a day.  Our friends Jake and Kristi let us stay in their home while we were there. Thanks so much to them for putting up with a crying baby in the middle of the night.

I haven't been back to the Provo/Orem area in 3 years!! Being down there brought back many great memories, I drove past our fist apartment, went to my (yes my) old Target, bough Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears @ BYU (reminds me of cramming for a test), met up with friends, family, ate at Texas Roadhouse, Kneaders, Hire's Big H, got a waffle from The Waffle Truck (thanks Kristi), went shopping at City Creek, ate the best tacos at a Taco Truck, and went up to Sundance. Whew, that was a long sentence and still the trip wasn't long enough, there were many people we weren't able to see but overall we had a great time.

Siblings and spouses

David made Cole smile every time he made this face

Smizing with Aunt Hayley

A trip to Utah isn't complete without visiting Temple Square

Best friends for almost 16 years! Doesn't she look great for being pregnant with baby #2!


When I was pregnant Alyssa loved to sit by me and feel my stomach kick, I think Cole remembered his Aunt Alyssa's touch!

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