Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy Weekend

Two weeks ago were the busiest we have been since Cole has been born. My sister Hayley came into town to meet Cole, and she also brought her boyfriend for us to meet. We had to show them that you can still have a good time with a baby.

On Friday we went up to 3rd St in Santa Monica for dinner, shopping and people watching. I even nursed for my first tme at a restaurant, luckily we sat outside so it was dark and I dont think most people knew what weas going on. Saturday turned out to be a nice day so we went to the beach for a few hours. Tyson and Hayle went out on Chads psaddle board and I hung out with Cole on the sand.  That afternoon we went to Hollywood and Highlanfd where the stars are and had fun watchinfg all the impersonators on the street. Cole loves to be in the mix, just like his daddy.  They both like to be out and about.  As long as we stop to feed him he is good for another 3 hours.

Sunday we went to my parents and were able to hang out wit the family and go to church. I dressed Cole up for the first time and he stolwe my heart again.  He wasnt too sure about the tie wrapped around his neck but I couldn't resist.

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