Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Outings and Retail Therapy

Getting out of the house is difficult to say the least, but we are getting a litle better at it. I feel so much better if we make it out, sometimes I forget that there is a world outside of my living room, Netflix, and taking care of Cole. We have gone out to Cafe Rio, walked down by the beach, went to the Orange County Marketplace, church, and even did a little retail therapy. Chad treated me to a new watch! This new life is still an adjustment but starting to feel a little more normal. I am so grateful to have family close by to let us come stay THREE nights at their home and take care of Cole so both Chad and I could catch up on some much needed sleep. It's amazing how much more I love my little guy when I am getting a good nights rest!
Cafe Rio

OC Fair, post nursing and diaper change in the heat!
Gotta be able to keep track of Cole's feedings and naps :)


Shauna said...

As soon as that boy is out of the clear to be around healthy but germy kids- we are coming for you!

April Perry said...

You're doing great, Whitney! So glad you're getting some rest. After four months, I felt like I could handle life again. Love you!

Lisa said...

Wow you are so lucky to have so much help! My mother in law came over one afternoon for about 3 hours once when Andrew was a week old and that's ALL the help I had. Man those were good times :) I love that you are getting out and doing things as a fam! Matt bought me a watch too because he was tired of me asking him what time it was because of feedings/diaper changes haha. You guys look great! I love seeing you with a baby :)

Angela K said...

Love that watch! Glad you guys are starting to find a rhythm. Your little boy has definitely changed your lives forever! I'm 31 weeks along and I'm always wondering now about what kidns of changes are in store. Exciting and scary at the same time!

lindsay b. said...

I'm OBSESSED with that watch. Also, Cole is so handsome!