Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life after the hospital

We've been home for a week and a half from the hospital and our little man will be 2 weeks tomorrow. While in the hospital I couldn't wait to get home, sleep in my own bed and have some normalcy back in my life. Let's just say there isn't any normalcy to our lives. I've slept in my bed maybe 2 times, our routine is so different than what it used to be. Nights are definitely the hardest part about Cole, he has had a few good nights and a few not so good nights. Looking back the hospital wasn't so bad, the luxury of the nursery and not having to worry about anything else but taking care of Cole was so nice. Now we have bills that are coming in, insurance that needs to figured out, Chad back to work, and real life that still needs to go on.

Luckily my mom has come out a few nights to help us get some sleep back and go grocery shopping for us. Chad's mom has also been coming and watching Cole so I can take a nap and shower, and our ward has been so great at bringing in meals for 2 weeks! Yep 2 weeks! I can't tell you how much this has helped us. Thinking about having to cook dinner makes me even more tired, and having full on yummy meals each night gives me something to look forward to each day.

Both Chad and I look forward to the day when parenthood starts to feel normal, and we can establish a new routine. We have been so used to our freedom and being busy out of the house that this has been a major adjustment for the both of us. I love this little boy more than anything and have faith that life will get easier and we will get sleep one day!

Here are a few pictures of our life after the hospital, courtesy of my mom.


Shana Smith said...

Adjusting to life as a first time Parent is H.A.R.D! It all seems so easy at first, but its just not! Your so lucky to have the help of parents and ward members, I am JEALOUS, I never got that with either of my children, so soak that up:( Gladly life does get a tad easier as they grow, but take in these precious moments with a new born, cuz it just passes WAY.TO.FAST... Cole is too precious:)

Kayla Christie said...

it is tricky first time around, but it does get better! seriously... you'll find with each child things become so much more natural and easier. you're very lucky 2 have family close by to come and help you, my parents and inlaws are a plane flight away and we have no family around us what so ever so we've never had that help before so take advantage of every ounce of help you can grab! he is gorgeous! congrats again and goodluck!

Erica said...

Give it at least 6 months until you really feel like you are normal and can do things without feeling anxious about it. Babies are amazing but so hard especially when you aren't feeling great yourself. 12 weeks is magic for me finally feeling like a human again and not just a cow and a recovery dead person! Small goals everyday! Like making the bed or taking a shower-get you through. So happy you have your family near by. And these pictures are adorable!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

I can't believe you had a baby! Show's how MIA I have been!!! He is absolutely DARLING!!! I love every single one of these pic's.
Adjusting to life with a baby is hard, and it takes time. You are doing great...just go easy on yourself, no one knows what they are doing :)
He's darling! Congrats! xo

miss diddly said...

so beautiful!!!

Kayley said...

I love his little profile! It is a really hard adjustment! I totally know what you mean about the hospital not sounding so bad- the first night we brought Oliver home he screamed for like 3 hours straight no matter what we did- I finally started crying too and told Scott I wanted to check back into the hospital- ha! You're doing a great job and it just gets easier and easier as they get older. That is so awesome you've been getting so many meals! Just try not to worry about anything but Cole.