Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thoughts on Motherhood

Before having Cole I had been an avid gym go-er. I loved my time there to unwind from a long day at work, get a good sweat on and listen to my favorite tunes. I continued this routine all the way up until the very end of my pregnancy. Getting to the gym made me feel so much better throughout the week. Since having Cole I haven't been once, until today.  I didn't realize how much I missed that time.  I have thought about going many times but then cancelled the idea thinking it would be better to get an extra nap in during the day.  While sleep is the most important thing to me I realized after today that getting to the gym is a close second. 

Being a new mom has had its challenges. I have heard that phrase so many times, and wondered "what are those challenges really" So far the challenges I have expereienced are (in no particular order)

Lack of Sleep 
No "me" time to relax, paint my nails, watch a movie, do my hair/makeup
Dairy Foods (ahh cheese and milk)- Cole has a sensitive stomach
Having one on one time with my husband-feeling like his wife and not a mom 
Being Spontaneous (doesn't happen when we are on a 3 hour feeding schedule)
Working Out
My friends and girls nights
Being able to make dinner when I want it
Showering ( I still shower but not those Loooong hot showers)
Having a clean home
Attending Church

While this is not meant to be a negative post I wanted to be real and open about my feelings having a new baby so that I can look back and see how things have improved and for other new or soon to be moms to relate (hopefully I'm not the only one). 

The past 7, almost 8 weeks, have been a complete life changer because of the adjustments I mentioned above. We no longer go out for a date, come home decide to stay up late and watch a movie because tomorrow is Saturday and we can sleep in. Our whole lives are centered around our new baby and the adjustment is hard. Luckily it has gotten easier, I now feel great getting 6 hours instead of 9 hours of sleep, I've learned how to shower and get ready before 2 o'clock, I'm learning when I can run my errands and to plan much better than before.  The most important thing I have learned is that life is not all about me, and what I want.  My life is about my son, my husband and myself, and learning to take care of all of our needs. My needs are still important and vital to staying happy and taking care of Chad and Cole, but they no longer come first.  

This realization has made me appreciate my own parents and my Heavenly Father more than I ever knew.  I look back on my years as a child and remember all that my mother did for me. I remember people saying I can't believe you have 6 children to her and in my head thinking it wasn't a big deal. She is a mother and that is her job. I now realize if only a small portion of how difficult and selfless that was. I also think of my father who would work long hours, serve in his church calling and also be our father, attending almost all of my volleyball games and being there when I needed him.  The job of a parent is so difficult because it requires the giving up of ourselves for someone else. 

That brings me to appreciating my Heavenly Father. He gave up his son for others, others who would disobey him, persecute and ultimately kill his son Jesus Christ.  Our Heavenly Father was willing to sacrifice his son for me.  The least I can do to show him of my appreciation is to do the same for Cole. He has trusted me to take care of this little baby and I am so grateful to do so. While I may get frustrated or cry during the day I am still grateful. 

As I sat down to write this post it was just going to be about getting back into shape as a new mom, I had no idea that these thoughts would become typed on the computer screen. More importantly than getting back into physical shape and going to the gym is getting myself back into shape spiritually so that I may raise this little baby into a man who has a testimony, treats others with kindness, loves even those that are difficult to love, and one day becomes a parent himself.


Catherine said...

Love you!!

Lisa said...

Tears! I love this so much. You said everything so perfectly what it's like becoming a mom. Love you whit!

Kayley said...

Whit I love this! Perfectly said! And it does get easier.

Kristi said...

So true and well put! Cole is lucky to have you as his mom.

Kayla Christie said...

it is tough to adjust your right, but i will say confidentially it does get easier! and second time around you will be amazed at how much easier it is and how things come so much more naturally to you. Dont give up youre 'me' time..being a mother 'me' time is most needed! weather is just be going for a short walk once hubby is home or taking a bath while baby sleeps you need it, dont push it to the side! Im sure youre doing a great job!

Hayley said...

I'm so glad to have an older sister who is such a good role model for me and so I can learn so much from you for when I become a mom myself! Love you Whit!!

Hayley said...

I'm so glad to have an older sister who is such a good role model for me and so I can learn so much from you for when I become a mom myself! Love you Whit!!