Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas with the Davenports

We had Christmas with the Davenports a few days after so we could have it with Chad's sister and her family. It was really fun because Christmas lasted for more than just the one day! We also got to do a lot of Christmas festivities with Chad's parents which we really enjoyed.

We went out together and picked out the perfect tree, this was our first time getting a real tree since we have been married so I was really excited about this!

Of course we had to go look at Christmas lights, I thought this was really funny, it is Santa in the space ship. (Remember the boy they "thought" was in the bubble)
The Grove was all decorated for Christmas, at night they had snow (soap bubbles) fall from the sky! Its kind of nice only dealing with fake snow this year, since we have been in the snow for the past 4+ years!
After Christmas we went to the Wild Animal Park with the whole family, I have more pictures but didn't have them on the computer and I am on a roll right now posting so I will add them later.
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al said...

WHITNEY! do you realize that we have the same blog background? we are so in sync! i hope you and chad are doing well- i just decided im going to call you later today to catch up. LOVE you!