Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day~

Happy Mothers Day!!! This year I have two mothers to be grateful for and if I lived closer to them I would have given them these flowers that I made in floral design!!! So if the saying "its the thought that counts" is true then consider these yours!
My mom and I
I have such a great mom, she is always there for me and my 6 other siblings! Some of my earliest memories is having her sing to me primary songs before I would go to sleep and she would rub my nose, which would somehow help me fall asleep. Another random memory is helping her make cookies and she would always let me smell the vanilla which was my favorite, and whenver there is a gorgeous sunset she would always have all of us kids come outside and take a moment to look at it. I am grateful for the little things like this that she did for me, they help me appreciate what is around me and also helped me learn to love the Gospel. Thanks mom for also being a great friend, I love now that I am older that we can talk as friends also. I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Mother-in-law Janice
I also was so lucky to get a great mother in law. I am so grateful for her especially because she is the one who raised my husband! I know that because of Janice, Chad grew up to be such a great person! I love being able to spend time with you, I also appreciate you checking up on me while Chad is gone, it is nice to know that others are thinking about me and how I am doing! Thank you Janice for being so welcoming of me, I feel so loved by you and the rest of the family! Happy Mothers Day!


MWilson said...

Thank you, Beautiful Whitney!!! I love you, too. You have become all that I ever hoped you would be and am looking forward to Mother's Days in the future where we will honor you:)
I love the flowers you made for Janice and I make sure you "drink in the blossoms" for me!

Kayley said...

you look so much like your mom!