Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Great Memorial Day Weekend!!

This past weekend was so much fun! It first started with my class on Thursday being cancelled which meant I was able to pick my mom and Landon up from the airport! When I saw Landon he was in his stroller, he jumped out and ran full speed into my arms and gave me the biggest kiss I have ever had! It is so fun to be that loved by a little boy! Within 15 minutes he had confiscated my gum and taken all my quarters. He said "I don't like dimes and pennies, you can't buy 'nothin with them, I only want your quarters."

On Thursday night we went to the airport to see my cousin Danny come home from his mission in New Zealand, while we were waiting Landon entertained everyone with some breakdancing!

Here I am with my sister Alyssa, cousins Savannah, Matt and Wesley. Matt just left for his mission to Tonga yesterday! He got to spend 6 days with his brother Danny before leaving.
Here is my Uncle Shaun and Aunt Christines whole family! All 11 of them!

Alyssa was teaching Matt how to tie his tie before we went to the temple, and my Grandma Dee is taking pointers in the background.
Me and my mom outside of the SLC temple after doing a session with my cousins, aunt and uncle and grandparents.
The Lakers had a victory and we all decided to parade around to my uncles friends in the neighborhood, lets just say they aren't Laker fans.

My mom, sister Alyssa and me at our Memorial Day bbq!

My cousin Madeline was put in charge of sturring the homemade rootbeer, so good!

My cousin Danny and I filling up on hotdogs and bakes beans!

has been so fun spending the last week with my family. I really enjoy hanging out with my cousins, we are all getting older now and have become good friends. We still pull the same pranks on eachother, one of the boys always gets his nails painted and in retaliation they draw mustaches and unibrows on someone else.
When I was in high school I always wanted to be doing things with my friends, but now I have the most fun when I am with family. Its interesting how what is important changes. It was sad to say goodbye to my Mom and Landon this morning, I love having family around. This weekend would have been perfect if my dad, Hayley, Tanner, and McKenna could be here and especially Chad. I seem to miss him more when I was with family because I remember what its like to have someone around all the time. But luckily I am off to Dallas to see him in 1 WEEK! I cannot wait!


Erica said...

Dallas? Did he change cities? Looks like a great weekend! I love Landon stealing your money and break dancing! I also can't believe the brothers had 6 hours together! That is nuts! My bro-in-law went to Tonga! What a interesting mission. No missionary work at all, just service and member teaching. But hey he night have a chance at swimming in the ocean, my BIL did when they had to get to a couple of the islands.

Jamie And Leo Sagebin said...

I miss you so much!! You are so freaking cute!! I just showed all the girls here your blog and they thought you were super cute!! And it made me miss you!