Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Glass Cube Design

So this is my latest project from floral design, and my favorite to do! It was so fun and turned out so cute (I think). These are the most popular centerpieces for weddings and are so easy. Can you believe they start at about $40 per cube! Don't bother paying that, just get the flowers and I will make one for you, I have so much fun doing it!

P.S. I started working today, yep I said it, I am working. Just a part time job at the Security 1 office but it will help keep me busy and give me a little extra cash, so I don't feel so guilty when I buy myself presents :)
P.S.S. 1 1/2 more days till I am in Dallas!


MWilson said...

Love it!

kristivon said...

I like the cube - that's cute!