Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving on!

I can't believe that our lives here in Utah are coming to an end. I finished school last Thursday, never been happier, and this week we are moving! Its really exciting but at the same time it is sad. We have made so many good friends here that I am going to miss! So I needed to start packing this week but my frined Jamie came back to Utah for a couple days and the weather was so nice I decided to put it off! On Monday we went to Lagoon, which isn't normally my thing but was so much fun. People in Utah can't BELIEVE I have never been there so now I have! We went back to Jamie's parents house and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores-which are my fave! She and her sis-in-law came back to my house and we had a slumber party since we were all husbandless. THen the next day the weather was SO nice that we layed out all day. Well the weather was nice again on Wednesday so we got some more sun, probably a little too much but oh well! It was so fun having a friend in town, I get sad when there are things I want to do but have no one to do anything with, so thanks Jamie for hanging out with me all 3 days you were here!!!
Me and Jamie in the parking lot at Lagoon!
Well now its Thursday and I figured I really need to crack down and start the packing. I have been dreading it, and once I started I realized why! Where to start? It is so overwhelming, we have more stuff than I realized! I feel bad I called and almost started crying to Chad because I was feeling stressed, he told me stop packing and he will do it all when he gets in on Sunday, obviously I am not gonna not pack but it was nice of him to make the offer. He has been gone for almost 3 months and I am done being apart from him. It has definately been a challenge to be so far away from one another, but we both realize how much we need eachother. We aren't too sure what is in store for us after the summer but that is what makes this whole process kind of exciting! We have nothing holding us back, so we will see where life takes us! As for now it is taking me back to packing!


Erica said...

I actually said to Ryan, " Hey I should call Whitney while we are up here." But like you said it was so jammed packed! I am so happy for you finishing school! What a great accomplishment! And hooray that Chad and you will reconnect! So what are your plans were are you moving to? Text when you get a chance!

Ryan and Melissa said...

You are going to have a great tan in Texas!!! I remember months being apart from Ryan while we were dating and it was awful!!! I can't imagine being apart after being married! That is exciting that you guys are moving on to new things! So much to look forward too! I hope you are doing well!!!

Jamie And Leo Sagebin said...

That was so fun!! Thanks for hanging out with me!! I sure miss you. Utah will not be the same.