Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bahamas Part 5

Sick of the pictures yet? Well it's the last one, I think.

After the waterpark everyone went snorkeling, well almost everyone. Kristi and I were too cold to go in the water. I am so glad we went on this trip with friends so Chad didn't have to snorkel by himself.

That night we went out to our last dinner. Dinners were so fun as we would sit at the table for hours, debating over nothing that really mattered, reminiscing about the days activities, answering Chad's hypothetical questions and talking about our plans for another trip in the future :)

After dinner we went explored "The Ruins" which is the Aquarium @ The Atlantis. It was the largest aquarium I have ever seen and had so many cool things to see. My favorite was the sea horses and least favorite where the eels. They totally reminded me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Our last morning there Chad woke up really early for some last minute snorkeling. We went to the Dolphin Cay one last time to see the dolphins and then headed to the airport. We were so rushed at the airport that we didn't end up getting to say good-bye to our friends. (They were all flying back to SLC and us LAX). We did get to send a message via the flight attendent which just had to do. This trip was so much fun. Both Chad and I were looking forward to it for so long and it did not disappoint. I am so glad that we have such good friends that we get to experience new things with. I'm excited to see what next New Year's will look like!

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