Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guest Blogger: Catherine from Fest

I'm really excited to have my friend Catherine be my very first Guest Blogger :) Catherine and I have become really good friends over the last year, we have a lot in common (i.e.  work with the Young Women @ church, love volleyball, love the beach). She just started a new blog called Fest with a pretty bold goal for 2012. I was really intrigued by her goal and asked her to share it on my blog.

They say the 2nd most common New Year's resolution behind losing weight is saving money. I guess I'm just taking that one step farther by focusing on my clothing budget, which this year is $0. Yes, $0. I'm not going to buy a single piece of clothing this year. A lot of people think this idea is crazy (I've received reactions like "I could never do that.", "That is quite an ambitious challenge!", "Good luck!"), but I'm really excited to show other people that if you buy the right clothes and have good quality, properly-fitting pieces, you really don't need such a huge closet to look great everyday.

I'm already starting to identify some staples that keep popping up in my outfits, like my skinny black belt. I wear it a lot and it helps my outfits feel put together. I'm a big fan of belts in general. They're something small that can create an entirely new silhouette for an outfit. Check out the different uses of my skinny black belt below.

I hope you'll visit FEST and follow my journey! Maybe it will help you identify some new uses for clothing items that are already sitting in your closet.


PS. Be sure to join the site so you can enter the giveaway!


Thanks Catherine! You can check out her blog by clicking {here}


Hayley said...

I Love this post and her blog!! I'm inspired now to take a closer look at what's in my closet and to look for new things to pair together

Kerri said...

She's so cute! Love her style!