Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bahamas Part 3

I'm starting to get my days blurred so I've begun grouping the pictures into activities, somewhat in chronological order:

Swimming with the Dolphins was one of my favorite things we did. They are such a friendly animal for the most part. One of the activities we did with the dolphin is we were able to hug and kiss them, there was one dolphin that doesn't like to kiss people and had a tendency to bite. Good thing that we didn't get that dolphin. It's interesting to see the trainers interact with each dolphin, they know their personalities so well. Wetsuits are super attractive by the way.

 All the guys went golfing one day while us girls got massages in the spa. After our massages we all came to the same conclusion that the Bahamian masseuses were not as careful about keeping you covered during your massage :)
 On Tuesday we had 40 mph winds and it was pretty chilly. We went to the Straw Market it Nassau to do some shopping. Not too much to buy, especially when the people refer to you as "hey you girl", huge turn off to me spending money.

Isn't he handsome?!?

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McKenzie King said...

oh, wow. this whole trip looks so paradisiacal.