Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November means to me...

This week work has been crazy busy! Its a good thing but also means that I get really high strung and usually take out my stress on my husband (sorry hun). But luckily today the weather was a gorgeous 79 degrees and I took a walk along the beachduring lunch. I got to thinking about the weather and how different November has looked over the past 6 years for me.

I went to BYU-I in 2005-2007 and those Novembers were something I have never experienced before. So cold, snowy, and the beginning of the next 5 months being completely white, never seeing the grass till the spring. Being from California I never knew places could/would get that cold. It was definitely a learning experience that I hope I never have to learn again. Who knew nose hairs could freeze??

The next 2 Novembers where in Utah. Still cold, but much more mild then Rexburg. November in Utah was spent taking drives through Provo Canyon, enjoying the beautiful leaves, and sometimes the first snowfall. I actually liked November in Utah, besides the fact that it meant Winter was on the horizon.

And Now, the past 2 Novembers I have spent here in the Southbay Area of California. Definitely my most favorite Novembers. The weather starts to cool down, especially the mornings. Most days are in the 60s, except for days like today that are 79 degrees. While we don't get the fall leaves as much as Utah or other parts of the country we do get the occasional warm days. That was the hardest adjustment when I lived in Idaho and Utah, once November hits there is no warm weekend, its all cold!

So here's to a nice November, can't wait to see whats in store for our little family of 2.

What does November look like where you live?
Would you prefer the cooler weather to the warm weather?


Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

I always used to LOVE LOVE LOVE the cold weather, but it seems to be getting to me a little. I guess maybe I just need to get 'warmed up' to the cold weather :)

Kayla Christie said...

november means spring! 1 mth away from summer - yay .. over here on the other side of the world!

Stephanie said...

I hate cold weather - BRRR! Our weather is actually super similar to y'alls... no leave changing and 60's to 70's! So perfect!

Hope you had a great weekend! XOXO

Bri Rios said...

I"m in Provo at the Y, and it's freezing cold! I'm from So-Cal also and am not accustomed to it :/
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