Monday, November 7, 2011

The Grove

As I uploaded my pictures from the weekend, I realized it was all about food. We went to the Grove on Saturday to do some shopping, but ended up spending most of our time at the Farmers Market (they have the most AMAZING one) deciding what we were going to eat. 

First stop: Titos Tacos. Its an LA landmark, we love the Tacos there!

Next we got down to The Grove, it is such a trendy glitzy outdoor mall. Both Chad and I felt WAY under dressed! The fashion, strollers, and dogs are all something that catch my eye. Last time we were there there was a little dog that had pink shoes, so cute/ridiculous!

We decided on a French Dip Sandwhich, I am a sucker for French Dip Sandwhiches!

Next we gave into our sweet tooth cravings and bought a crepe (another thing I am a sucker for)

Yummy Nutella

 We continued to window shop at all the fun treats they had

Unfortunately Chad wasn't feeling to well, so we left once it got dark, don't want him being sick for this weekend!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Grove was one of my fav places to visit when we were in LA.

The Farmers Market had the most delicious food! It took like 45 min just to decide what to eat ;)

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