Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Retail Therapy

Target can be a great place for me to go when I am a little stressed out, or just need some time to myself to shop for nothing of great importance. Today I headed on over with nothing on my list, excited to see what would end up in my cart, and then what would make it through the checkout line. (I tend to put back half of what I think I can't live with out).

Why I love each one of these simple purchases:
1. Mascara - this is my favorite one Loreal Voluminous, I have been using samples I got from Nordstrom and am so happy to be back to my basic cheap mascara that works better than the expensive ones
2. Nail Polish Remover: Means I have been painting my nails a lot b/c I have run out so fast
3.Hair Ties, I love a nice new one, all mine are stretched out and scattered around the house
4. Reinforcement stickers to try out this nail design
5. Big Bobby Pins so I can try hairstyles like
6. And a new flannel that is actually that is warm and cozy for this cooler weather.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh I bought that SAME shirt a few weeks ago! Don't you just love Target? One day, when you have a cute little baby Davenport, you will do the same thing except everything will be for the baby and maybe one thing for you. The other day I was looking for a good lip gloss and I remembered when we used to always use the cappuccino lip gloss (I forget the brand). We'd keep putting it on all throughout church haha!

Kristi said...

I love those kinds of trips to Target!

Katie said...

Late night Target trips are the best. Call me next time, I have been thinking you would be a fun shopping partner!

Courtney B said...

A shopping trip with you sounds perfect! I never go to Target with nothing on my shopping list! SUCH a fun idea to just see what ends up in the cart :)