Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Best Friends Wedding!

What better of a day to get married than Valentines Day? It was so fun to see Lisa get married, it was the first temple sealing I have been to since my own. It was really fun for Chad and I to go back to the San Diego Temple, and remember our wedding day. I can't believe that it has been a year and a half, but this post isn't about our wedding it's about Lisas. So here is the story: it was supposed to rain on Saturday but by a miracle it didn't! It was cold, but at least it was sunny and made for good pictures. But unfortunately I have none except for this first one because my camera died .5 seconds after I turned it on.

After the wedding my parents took Chad and I out to eat to El Torrito, where we had our luncheon after our own wedding. That was really fun to reminese about our wedding day. But again this is about Lisa :) We had some time to kill in between the wedding and the reception so we drove down to Pacific Beach and Chad showed me where he used to go visit his friends who lived down there during college. Its always good to see the ocean, I miss it so much! We then went to Lisa's house in Canyon Lake where the reception was at. It looked so pretty, I wish I took pictures but I was only able to charge my camera for a few minutes and consequently was low on battery.
She is such a pretty bride! It was really funny cause once the clock hit 7 (when the reception was scheduled to be over) Lisa took off! She didn't even say anything, if we wouldn't have caught her I don't think anyone would have known they left! Lisa's mom, my mom, and sisters were all laughing at that!!!
Chad and I acting like we are a pro at the whole marriage thing, since it has been a year and a half we know it all...YEAH RIGHT! But I am so glad that I have him! He is such a great guy and is always so much fun! Sometimes I get into this old married woman mode where I go to bed early, but Chad always plans adventures and things for us to do to keep me acting "young"!
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Erica said...

I am sad that I missed you. I would have loved to see you! Lookslike youhad a good time...weddings are so fun! Especially to remind you of our own.

kristivon said...

You guys are a great couple and I'm SO glad Chad found you!