Sunday, February 22, 2009


When we were in California we went bowling with my family. It was raining so hard all day on Monday that we had to think of something to do inside. We had a blast, Tanner beat us a lot. All that practice on the Wii must have really paid off. It had been such a long time since Chad and I were on a bowling team together, and it showed. I bowled horribly!!! Towards the end Chad picked up his game, only because he didn't want to get beat by his 14 yr. old brother-in-law but it happened!

Can you guess which ones Chads, and which ones mine? Not really kinda hard to tell because me and my 12 yr old sister have about the same size foot and it looks like my 17 yr old sister has the same size foot as Chad, haha!
This is Chad once he started getting into his rhythm, he was bowling great towards the end!

My cute little sister who recently started wearing make-up! Overall bowling was great, everyone was able to do it, even Landon, who I think ended up beating me! We always have such a fun time with my family, they keep us laughing constantly!
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Kayley said...

your little sister is really cute! I'm excited for our Bachelor party next week!