Friday, February 13, 2009

Laker Jazz Game

So this past Wednesday the Lakers came to play the Utah Jazz, of course we had to go and support our team. As most of you know Chad is a huge Laker fan, especially for Kobe, he also knows how to work a deal! He bought and resold some tickets and with the profit we were able to sit EIGHT rows up from the court! It worked out great that my Uncle Shaun was doing security right by where we were sitting. So when the Lakers came to warm up we were able to stand on the court and watch them... I can't believe how big 7ft guys are!!! Well if you watched the game you know it came down to the wire and the Lakers could not pull it off. Amazingly we were not harassed too bad, the one time we were it was Chad who kept me calm! Even though they lost it was still so awesome to sit that close and be at a Laker game! Here are a few photos of the game!

Chad and I before the game, this one security guard was definately trying to regulate on us, he didn't know we had "connections"

The team warming up
Here's us at our seats, still smiling even though we lost!

My cousin Matt had this hilarious poncho his parents got him from Mexico! Everybody was asking him where he got it! Still smiling knowing out team is still number 1!

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Erica said...

Oh wow! How fun! You guys are diehards! You don't miss a game do you? That is so great that you have connections like that! And you look so tiny on that court my gosh! And yes we will be at church on Sunday so hopefully I'll see you!