Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ellen and the Kings Game

I got tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band at the Ellen show outdoor concert. Im not a huge DMB fan but thought it would be fun to see them and be on the Ellen show. It ended up being a LOT of waiting for a little bit of show. We waited for about 2 1/2 hours in a hot parking lot, then a bus took us to the WB studios where we waited in the bus (which had a/c thank goodness) for another hour. Then we finally unloaded the bus and headed over to the outdoor concert. We were told they would be coming out in a few minutes so I didn't think I had time to go to the bathroom. A few minutes turned out to be an hour so by the time Ellen and the DMB came out to perform I had to pee SSSOOO bad. It was cool to see the performance but all I could think about was not peeing my pants. After they sang 4 songs it was over, and the show coordinater announced that the bathrooms were closed!!! I couldnt believe it, I started panicking and told Chad I really thought I was going to go in my pants I couldnt hold it. As they herded us back to the buses I remembered there was a bathroom on the bus, and that saved me!
We couldn't take cameras in so this is us right before we started our long day!
We were given tickets to see the LA Kings play, so we went from the Ellen show to the Staples Center in downtown LA. Chad and I both were pretty tired but we were excited to watch the hockey game. After we got stopped at Phillipes for their famous french dip sandwhiches we were good to go. The hockey game was great, there were a lot of fights, and a lot of action right by our seats! Thanks to our Bishop who gave us the tickets!

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Erica said...

What an adventurous day! Those things always end up being a ton of waiting for free shows and tv stuff! But usually ends up being fun to say you did. Ryan loved seeing Hockey live...I hear it is pretty intense! Glad you guys have been able to do such fun things!