Monday, May 17, 2010

Job Update

Here is where I work, the view doesn't get much better than this.

That is my first thought about my new job serving at Cheesecake Factory, is that I love the location, being right on the water is so nice!
10 things I have learned thus far:
1. Don't get stressed out
2. If that doesn't work don't let others see that stress is getting to you
3. I have become a GREAT multi-tasker
4. Treat everyone as though they are the most important people (hopefully it will be rewarded :) 5. Don't judge
6. Coming home with cash is awesome
7. Take responsibility for mistakes
8. Don't be sensitive, (develop TOUGH SKIN)
9. I miss my weekends spending time with my husband
10. Teamwork

I really like serving (minus the sidework ex. refilling all the salt and pepper shakers, sugar caddies, ketchups, restocking), it is such a fast paced environment and the time while I am there goes by SO fast. I enjoy being able to talk with so many different types of people, and hopefully make them happier than when they walked in the restaurant. I do however come home EXHAUSTED, and have nightmares that I forgot to ring something in right, or bring someone the wrong meal, weird I know. I am grateful though to be working. I know that it won't be forever, and am glad that I can help our little family progress.
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Kayley said...

I'm glad you're liking your new gig- and I bet you get some pretty nice tips there! I wish we were in CA so we could come visit you there!