Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sorry This Post is Boring

I have become a terrible blogger. For a few months I was on a roll, I was not very busy at work and more motivated to post. Sadly I have lost the motivation. My family is asking for updates on my pregnancy and baby bump pictures, so I will try to start doing better at those.

I am 17 weeks along and so far this pregnancy thing has been a piece of cake. I thought I was getting morning sickness twice, once I think it was the stomach flu, and the other time I took my pre-natal pills in the morning with not enough food in my stomach. I feel super lucky that I haven't been sick. I have also been able to keep up my workout routine, I find that days when I don't get to the gym I don't feel as good and energetic. No weird cravings so far, sometimes I say "I'm craving ice cream." and Chad will remind me that I always craved ice cream, I just like to use that as an excuse to make a special ice cream run.

My stomach has grown (and not to mention so have the "girls") and I have put on a few lbs. After I eat I have to un-button my pants, they just get too tight. I have started feeling the babe move around in me which is my favorite part of this journey so far. We get to find out what we are having one week from today!
This was taken a few days ago, my little brother Landon (6) asked to see how big I was. When he saw this he said my stomach looks really big, but that's because he is a little boy.


Kayla Christie said...

ohhh i love pregnancy! like you, I never get sick either which makes it sooo breezey! and fun to enjoy. those "girls" will triple in size once your milks comes in! lol

Brittany Clyde said...

you are ADORABLE!!! i am so excited for you guys!!

Angela of "Grahangela" said...

Your little baby bump is adorable. You seem like one of those girls that will be adorable and "just bump" all pregnancy long. Lucky girl. :)

Congratulations on the pregnancy! Excited to hear what you're having!


McKenna said...

SOOOO Exciting!! feel free to pass down those shirts and pants to your favorite sister that cant be worn for the next 9 months