Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Third trimester started last week, I'm now 29 weeks and getting more and more excited for our nameless child to arrive. Here are some updates from my pregnancy so far:

I bump into everything/one, watch out for the corners :)
Love sweets (what's new)
Bending over is quite the challenge, thanks to those who have painted my toes (Chad and McKenna)
Being hungry is my normal
Took the 3-hr glucose test and cried, worst day of my pregnancy so far. Luckily I passed.
Love the constant kicks that I feel all day long
No progress on the nursery yet
Signing up for birthing classes today
Going to the gym regularly
Enjoying all the smiles from the cute old ladies in the grocery store
Anytime I see a little boy I can hardly stand the wait
Bought the cutest v-necks for baby to match his dad
11 Weeks to go!!



Steph said...

You are just too cute to be pregnant! I was so huge and miserable it makes me jealous! I am so excited for you to have a little boy! Let me know if you ever need any help or advice. I'm not an expert in any way, but I do love my little boy and he sure loves me! So I can't wait for you to have that experience. Miss you!

Kayley said...

You look so cute!!! I totally remember bumping into everything and really miss all of the smiles from other ladies! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy! I'm glad you're still feeling well and that you passed the glucose test.

Kristi said...

11 weeks! Yay! That will be here in no time!

Lisa said...

I love seeing you pregnant! Oh man I remember bumping into everything! And trying to squeeze in and shut a public restroom door gets harder and harder haha!

Angela K said...

Look at your cute bump! Your baby is almost here!

We're only 4 months along, so we've still got a while yet.