Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Time Is So Special

I look forward to December all year long. It is the one time o the year when we get to see so many family members, Chad gets to take some extra time off work, and we get to celebrate Christ's birth. This year was extra special since it was Cole's first Christmas. And even though he is far too young to realize what Christmas is all about, it was still so fun putting him in Xmas Jammies, taking his picture in front of the tree and wrapping his little presents. 

The Friday and Saturday before Christmas we celebrated with Chad's parents since they were going to Utah to spend Christmas with his sister and her family.  We had Mexican food for dinner, sat by the fire and used Cole as our entertainment.  We stayed the night over there so it really felt like Christmas morning when we woke up. His parents made a delicious breakfast, I was able to sleep a little longer than normal, and then we opened presents. It was so fun to do that with them.

On Sunday we went out to my parents, and all 7 siblings were in town! It was great to have everyone together, and to make it more exciting my brother and his wife told us they are expecting their first baby in August. We couldn't be more excited for them, and for Cole to have a cousin only 11 months apart. The next few days were filled with trips to our local dairy for the best chocolate milk, Instagram overload (#wilsonxmas2012), passing around of Cole, cooking and baking in the kitchen, last minute shopping, performances by McKenna and Tanner (the only ones musically talented), staying up later than normal, singing Christmas songs acapello with my sisters, taking family pictures in 10 minutes because the sun was going down, and enjoying every minute of the time we had together. 

Thanks to my mom she took most of the pictures since I forgot my camera and was left only to use my iPhone. Do I really have to wait for next Christmas to spend so much time with my family??

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Kayley said...

omgosh where did the baby rattler come from? Scott would think it's hilarious