Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Months Old

This little photo shoot was cut very short. Cole is so curious and grabs at everything, he found the sticker after a couple minutes and tore it off his shirt. Already a destructive little guy.

I have a feeling from now on I am going to be saying "this is my favorite stage". But really this is. I feel like I have a little buddy with me all day. Cole has so much personality in such a little body, he smiles all the time and could not make me any happier. This month he has:

Discovered his thumb
Sucks his own tongue
Gives kisses
And Hugs (my heart literally jumped out of my chest when he did this)
Became a pro at tummy time
Reaches for toys, or cellphones, or keyboards, or food
Ate rice cereal (through a bottle)
Stares at his daddy whenever he is around
Rolled from his tummy to his back
Loves going for walks in his big boy stroller

My favorite time with Cole is in the morning, Chad gets up with him and changes his diaper, then brings him to me in bed. After he is done nursing, he lays next to me in bed for about a half hour and we just play, and laugh and he grabs my face and sucks on my nose. It makes me forget how tough the nights can be.

We started sleep training him exactly one month ago, and he still doesn't sleep through the night. He has gotten better, but I had my expectations set high, and after letting him cry it out for a month I realize he just can't make it longer than 8 hours. Most nights he wakes up after 5-6 hours of sleeping, we let him cry and sometimes he goes back to sleep, other times I get up and feed him. Then he will sleep another 3 hours. I try and make him sleep until 4 so that we don't have to get up before 7. Some nights are better than others, but it's become such a routine now that getting up once doesn't seem too bad.

Maybe this month I will post more than his monthly update, like how I started working again, or how Chad and I played in a Beach Volleyball tournament last weekend. This blog has been neglected for too long, but it's because I have the cutest little distraction to play with.

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