Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Narrows

I have always wanted to hike "The Narrows" in Zion National Park. The cool river a d steep mountain cliffs on each side seemed like an adventure calling my name. A couple weeks ago we went on a "sibling-cation" with my brothers and sisters to St. George. Chad's parents have a vacation home that they let us all stay in and we had a blast.

All of us, including Cole and my 5 1/2 pregnant sister-in-law, went on the hike. None of us knew what to really expect, how deep the water would get, what type of shoes to wear, or how far we would go but that didn't stop us from diving right in. Those first steps in the river was a rush, I felt almost dangerous, being in the water with socks and shoes and it was ok. I had to get over the fact that my feet would be sandy and soggy for a couple hours and that was just fine. You really have to focus on the river and your steps because you can't really tell where the rocks are. So many times we would look up and see those steep red cliffs and it would take our breath away, seriously. This hike was the most incredible hike I have ever done (not that I am an avid hiker at all). It was over a 100 degrees in St. George but in the narrow trail we were on it was cool yet warm at the same time. There was never a dull moment, especially as we would pass hikers and they would all stare at us as if we were crazy for bringing a baby on the hike, which I might agree with them now that it is over. I loved sharing this experience with Chad, Cole and my brothers and sisters. We don't all live close by, and have busy lives but I am grateful for them in making the time to get together and create lasting memories.

I can't believe how many beautiful areas there are within driving distance to us. We visit St. George at least once a year and I sure hope that we make it back again.


love, lowry said...

I'm anxious to do the narrows too!

lindsay b. said...

This looks gorgeous! I just told Matty that it needs to be on our to do list!