Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had a great Christmas this year...we spent Christmas Eve in Wildomar with my family and had a great dinner, sang songs and opened presents. It was so much fun having the whole family there, the last 3 Christmases we have had a addition to the "Wilson Family" first it was Landon, then Chad and now Meggan. Grandma Dee and Grandpa David also came out to celebrate Christmas Eve with us.

Next we went to Torrance to spend Christmas Day with the Davenport side of the family. We opened up Christmas presents that Santa brought, had a great breakfast and then Chad and I took off to the Laker vs Celtics game. Chad's boss took us with him to this game and it was so much fun! I have never been to a Laker home game and this had to be the best one to go to. We left the game with a hoarse voice and happy our Lakers won on Christmas Day!

My sister-n-law and I got matching socks for Christmas!

After the Laker game we came back to Torrance had another great meal and played with our new gifts. It was a great day spent with family, friends, and of course the Lakers!

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kristivon said...

It was so fun to spend time with you guys this last week for Christmas!

I need to get copies of your pictures! You always take such cute ones. :)