Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beach Trips!

This vacation has consisted mainly of visiting all the different beaches in Southern California. When you move away to the cold all you think about when coming to CA is going to the beach. And even though it hasn't been warm enough to go in the water we have been able to skateboard, play volleyball, frisbee, and scooter along the ocean.
We went to Long Beach with my family a few days ago thinking we would just stop for a few minutes as the sunset and ride the skateboard around. We began walking further and further from the car when we heard my sister McKenna yell, "Chad I think someones in your car!!" We looked towards the car and saw a man inside, Chad and my Dad both sprinted just as the man also started running. I thought for sure my purse was gone, so they both followed the thief not knowing if they were going to have to fight the guy or not. Fortunately when I got to the car I realized that my purse and everything was still there, the thief must have gotten startled and didn't have time to take anything. We felt that we were definately watched over and also thanked McKenna for saving the DAY!
On a happier note here are some picutres of our day in Long Beach, Misison Bay, Old Town San Diego, and Balboa Park. We really have been quite the tourists this trip!

Playing tourist in Old Town San Diego

Our cute nephew Luke amazed at how big this waterfall is!

Getting some shots to recreate our wedding pictures at Balboa Park...Chad looks really into it huh?

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Erica said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas down here! Too bad we missed each other!!! I'm glad nothing happen with the car!