Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekend in St. George

We love to go on weekend trips to get away from work and school and just spend some time together. Even though I had four midterms to take Chad was able to convince me to put that aside and take off to St. George. Its so hard to say no to fun, I think about what am I going to remember more, studying for an exam or hanging out with my husband? Hanging out with Chad is always more memorable. So we packed up, got Chad a RedBull to give him wings to drive make the drive. We stay at his grandma's house there, unfortunately she wasn't there this weekend, so we ended up having the house to ourselves.
Of course In-N-Out was on the agenda (twice actually), it makes us feel like we are kind of in California. I felt like such a tourist though taking pictures at In-N-Out, hahah!

When we go down to St. George one of our favorite things to do is look at all the new homes. We went up to this area called Entrada, its a exclusive gated community that is literally built through the lava rock. The homes all blend into the surroundings it is so beautiful. I love the style of homes that are in St. George, I could see myself living there if we had to stay in Utah.

Overall we had a great weekend, it was a lot of fun to have Chad all to myself. He has been so busy with work lately it makes it nice to get out of our routine and forget about work and school for a few days.
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Erica said...

We really like St George too. We stopped there on our way home from Park City last week. It is always a nice get away and doesn't really feel like Utah. I hear they are putting an In and Out in Salt Lake, too.

kristivon said...

You have the mentality I did in school, "what will I remember more?" And I don't regret it!