Monday, August 17, 2009

Graduation and St. George

So we were in California for only a few days before we started our next trip- we are getting really good at being on the road these days! We headed up to St. George with Chad's mom Janice to see his Grandma Davenport. The trip seemed to go by so fast since we were used to such long days on the road. We spent our two year anniversery up here also (August 11) we went to Snow Canyon and hiked, then hung out at the pool and ended the night with a dinner at the Outback. Pretty low key but we have basically been on a vacation since we left Texas.
Then my parents picked us up on their way to Provo for my graduation at BYU. The ceremony was very good, I am glad that I ended up doing it. It was a debate since we weren't living in Utah anymore ( we aren't really living anywhere right now :) but we needed to get our truck so it worked out to do both at this time. Attending the cermony and having my name called made it feel like I really did it! Being at BYU was a great experience-definately different from what I had planned (nursing) but majoring in Home and Family Living has taught me great lessons about relationships and how to create a family based on good values and morals!
This next picture is the only other picture I took while we were up in the Provo/Salt Lake Area. This is Chad with our niece Claire. She really bonded with him while we were there, it was SO cute to see him with her.
From Salt Lake we went back to St. George, we really don't have a lot going on right now so we are just taking our time getting back to California! I had never been up to Pine Valley so we got sandwiches and headed up there for a picnic. Pine Valley is a escape from the heat in St. George, it is beautiful up there! This is me with Chad's mom and Grandma Davenport.

Up near Pine Valley is the Memorial for the Mountain Meadow Massacre, there is a nice memorial there. This was talked about a little in my graduation so it was interesting to see the site.
Tomorrow we will be heading back to California-we may make a stop along the way in Vegas to see some friends but I am excited to get back!


Erica said...

Congrats again! I am glad you walked!
It is so great that you and Chad have been able to see so much this summer. I mean you have been to almost every city this side of Alabama in one short summer. Ryan and I have been to Pine Valley! Isn't it so fun and so pretty up there? Random little place but a lot of character. So are you here? I would love to see you! Let me know!

Kristi said...

I'm glad you updated your blog! You look great in your cap and gown. I think it's good you did that! Hopefully we'll see you again soon!

Lindsey and Laren said...

Whitney Congratualtions on graduating!!! That is SO exciting. I'm waiting for that day to come. Good Luck with everything. You look AMAZING!!!