Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If heaven were a brownie...

this is what it would taste like!

I made dessert for Christmas Eve and it was delicious. I can't take the credit because I didn't come up with it myself but it sure did turn out good. I bought a trifle dish a few years ago because I thought it was pretty and have only used it once (like over 2 years ago). Well I decided to bring it out since it makes the desserts look so good.

Here are the "cast of characters"

1 box of brownie mix
1 big or 2 small boxes of pudding (white chocolate or vanilla), I used vanilla
1 8 oz frozen whicpped cream (thawed)
2 cups milk
Heath Toffee pieces

1.Bake box of brownies according to the box, let cool.
2. Cut brownies into small squares 1 x 1 inch
3. Combine pudding mixture and milk and stir till thickened
4. Fold whipped cream into pudding
5. Layer bottom of triffle pan with 1/3 the brownies, then layer with 1/3 the pudding mixture, then a layer of toffee bits, repeat 3 times.
6.Refrigerate and serve.

Going back I would have saved a little more pudding mixture for the top so it covered better.


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Shauna said...

I'm in love with this. But I'm too lazy to make it, will you and your cute face just bring some over! :)