Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 30th!!

Did my husband really turn 30?I knew that this was a big year for Chad, not only because he is entering a new decade, but he is also going to become a father. To make it special we spent part of last weekend in San Diego with our friends Maddy and Eric. We hung out on Coronado Island (I want to live there someday), stayed at the Hilton in Mission Bay, the boys surfed, and we ate at two of Chads favorite restaurants, Old Town Mexican Cafe for dinner, and Kono's for breakfast. On Sunday (July 1st) Jake, one of Chad's closest friends flew into Utah. We had a little party for Chad on Sunday evening with his friends, completed with a 5 foot burrito! It was a busy weekend, my feet were swollen for two days afterwards but it was a memorable birthday for Chad. I love him so much and am grateful to have him in my life. I can't wait for this next chapter of parenthood that we have coming in 2 months!!

Chad at midnight on his birthday!

Thank you to all of his friends and family who really made this day special for him! That evening he was so happy and felt the love from all of you.

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!! Your weekend looked like so much fun :)