Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bear Lake

A few weeks ago I flew up to Utah for a few fun filled days in Bear Lake. Every year my aunt, uncle and their 10 (yes 10) kids go up to Bear Lake, and this year my family was able to join them. When our families get together we can always guarantee  a memorable time. We have so much fun together, I really miss all of them that are up in Utah.

Highlights of the trip were:
  • Road Trip with my sisters
  • Raspberry Shakes
  • Being pregnant guaranteed shotgun, a bed, food, drinks, a chair, etc.
  • Going out on the Jet Ski w/ Mom
  • Watching cousins box
  • Hiking down the cave
  • Making 26 sandwiches with Alyssa
  • Did I mention Raspberry Shakes
  • Spending so much time with the Wihongi family
  • Shopping at City Creek
  • Zupas
  • Spending the night @ Alyssa's
  • Walks at sunset (minus the bug-bites)
Here are the pictures to prove we had a great time.

...until next year Bear Lake

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Kayley said...

Looks like fun and you look great! I can't wait to see what this sweet little baby looks like!!!