Thursday, August 23, 2012

38 Weeks

I haven't been very good at doing weekly updates of my pregnancy on the blog. Basically not much has changed besides the size of my stomach. I haven't had any complications, weird cravings or emotional breakdowns  (worth sharing). This pregnancy has been pretty easy, I hope that the delivery will follow in the same track. Chad and I did take birthing classes, and it has helped us both have a better idea about what to expect (basically the unexpected). We also toured the hospital that I will be delivering at, it's nice to know what it looks like and where I will be.

This week has been a pretty fun and eventful week. The weather has been so hot here (80s) so I have gone to the beach two times, and went swimming on both trips. I normally never go in the water but it's the only way to cool down, and I don't feel pregnant when I am in the water (although I probably look pretty funny swimming by myself with a big bump).

I also went to Disneyland yesterday with Chad, his parents, sister, and her three kids. Cars Land is now open in CA Adventure, and it is pretty incredible. We had a great time walking around, going on a few rides and eating at Boudin Bakery. We even ran into our friends Dave and Jill!

I think all the busy-ness has really paid off, I had a Doctors Appt this morning and I have dilated to a 1 and am 70% effaced. Last week nothing had happened, so I am pretty excited to know that my body is getting ready for the biggest, scariest, most exciting thing it has ever done! I think about this little guy and what he is about to go through, and how confused he will be when he comes out. Hopefully we won't look too scary to him :) We are so excited to me him. I picked out his "going home" outfit and also one for me. I need to put the hospital bag together and I think we should be ready!


Kayley said...

Such an exciting time! That's awesome you already progressed that much! I had a doctor's appointment two days before my due date and when my doctor told me that absolutely nothing was going on I burst into tears-lol. Hopefully you're not having as hard of a time as I was! I can't wait to see what your sweet little guy looks like! Any day now! :)

Kayla Christie said...

wow not long now, good luck! totally right too about the expect the unexpected good way to think! I highly recommend having a water-birth too! cant wait to hear of you're news! goodluck...oh try get as many naps as u can right now before you loose that luxury lol.