Monday, December 30, 2013

San Francisco

Back in the beginning of November we went up to Northern California to visit Chad's Grandma Jensen. She lives just a BART ride away from San Francisco. His parents watched Cole for a day so that Chad and I could explore the city without planning around nap times. This day was a blast! I really felt like we were on the Bachelor, going on this fun date, exploring a new place and finding love (without the helicopter ride). We took electric bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge, had lunch in Saucalito, rode bikes back over the bridge, cruised around Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, ate fresh crab, ate pizza at Boudin's, splurged with a Sea Salt Caramel Shake from Ghiradelli, and then took the trolley back to Union Square where we walked around downtown and then hopped on BART back to our little guy! 
The next day we went to the Oakland Zoo, it was perfect for Cole. He's been learning his animal noises and would smile and look at us like "did you hear they ACTUALLY make that noise?". Oh kids are the best. We also went to Lake Chabot and let Cole run wild, he's enjoying his new found freedom of running.  We had a great time playing games at night with his grandma and parents and can't wait to go back when its warmer and we can go swimming. Chad jumped in to give his grandma a good laugh, even though it was barely 60 degrees out.

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