Monday, November 11, 2013

We ended up in San Diego

Last weekend we were itching to get out of our apt and go somewhere for a night. Cole was still sick with a cold, which had cooped me up in the house the past couple of days and I was getting stir crazy.  We laid down Cole for his nap on Friday morning and Chad decided to book a hotel down in San Diego, and we were on the road by 1:00, record time for us.

We stayed at the Omni Hotel in the Gaslamp District, its walking distance to SeaPort Village, which is one of our favorite places to walk around at Sunset. It's amazing how much I enjoy just watching Cole walk around with no direction, discovering new sights, sounds, and even tastes. Life really has slowed down in some ways, and sped up in others with a child.

Another favorite spot is Old Town San Diego. Little did we know it was the "Day of the Dead" and  crazy busy with face-painted skeletons and dressed up zombies. Parking was next to impossible so we stopped at the Mormon Battalion for a quick tour to justify parking in their lot. The tortillas you can buy on the street are so authentic and delicious we ended up eating about a dozen for dinner. Between the regular, chocolate and strawberry flavors we covered a 3-course meal :)

On Saturday we met up with our friends Dave and Jill, and their two kids Chace and Ariana at Balboa Park. We had a great time exploring, riding the train, people watching, and catching up. We don't have a ton of friends with kids so it was fun having them close by to do kid stuff with, and also feel like we got to hang out with friends! Oh San Diego, we sure love you!

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